The orange wave is no more, are enacting liberal

La vague orange n’est plus, décrètent des libéraux

OTTAWA — The orange wave that swept Quebec in 2011 fizzled out and gave way to a sea of oil.

At least that is the view of several liberal ministers crusaders on Tuesday morning, the day after the victory of Rachel of the three brothers to the by-election in the riding of Outremont.

According to them, the re-conquest of the fortress of the liberal Thomas Mulcair seized in 2007, laying the groundwork for the orange wave, has put an end to the phenomenon.

The minister Mélanie Joly has been unequivocal at the end of the victory : the orange wave is no more.

“For a long time, we talked about the famous orange wave that swept Quebec. I think that with the election of the liberals yesterday, this is the end of the orange wave, and we can talk about a pullback of the orange wave”, she offered before the cabinet meeting.

The minister of montreal noted that many of the members who are elected under the banner of orange had decided not to run again in 2019.

His colleague François-Philippe Champagne abounded in the same sense.

“This is the end. Look at the results”, he unleashed a melee of press before you enter, he also in the hall of the council of ministers.

And according to him, all of this bodes well for the liberal troops, just months before the general elections of October 2019.

The minister of Finance, Bill Morneau, believes that the current state of the movement, a new democrat in the province is more akin to a sea of oil to swell.

“It appears to me quite clear that there is no wave, according to me. To speak in these terms, it seems to me that it is a sea quite calm,” he said before entering, also, to the cabinet.

More philosopher, Pablo Rodriguez argued that it was difficult to launch into predictions in politics.

“I would never say that. It is always necessary to approach the policy of humble way”, he argued after the meeting of the cabinet.

“It has been good results yesterday, it has finished first or second everywhere, but it is always necessary to get the confidence [of the population]”, continued the minister of canadian Heritage.

The good news, for the New democratic Party (NDP), was on the side of the west : the leader Jagmeet Singh has won his bet by being elected in Burnaby South.

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