The Parti québécois wants to do an echo of the “anger” of the regions

Le Parti québécois veut faire écho à la «colère» des régions

SAINTE-AGATHE-DES-MONTS, Qc — Bashed out of the large cities in the last elections, the Parti québécois (PQ) wants to do an echo of the “anger” of the regions.

The interim leader of the parti québecois, Pascal Bérubé, said to hear the frustration of people who live in the regions and who feel left out of account for the past few years, due to several decisions of the previous liberal government.

Incidentally, these are the regions where today the diputación pq decimated in the last elections.

At a press conference on Thursday at the end of a two-day meeting of deputies pq members in Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, Mr. Bérubé said that the citizens expressed this “anger”.

However, he refused to resemble this anger to the one prevailing in France in the movement of the “yellow vests”.

“It is very different,” he answered. The Quebec of the regions, in particular, against the image that we have of them.

“They are often seen as (from) resource-regions, while there is so much creativity. The fact that we are seen as people who have to beg for items, while there are investments elsewhere in Quebec. There is a question of fairness.”

He cited several problems at the source of this anger. It is, in particular, the disappearance of banking services, the road transport and public transport, access to local services, health in particular, or the absence of a blanket high-speed internet in a number of sectors.

A lot of people would like to choose the rural life but give up because of these problems, explains Mr. Bérubé. He said he had seen this frustration as much in the Lac-Saint-Jean, in the Laurentides region, as in the Bas-Saint-Laurent-Gaspésie.

“The environment is a growing issue currently, but an anger of the regions, an impatience, it is a phenomenon emerging in Quebec.”

At his side, his colleague, the member for Rimouski, Harold LeBel, said also hear it frequently in his constituency office the “wrath” of his fellow citizens.

ll has denounced the “dismantling” of several tools for consultation and regional development by the previous government.

“There is more to this signal of the State according to which the occupation of the territory is important,” said Mr. LeBel, who deplored the fact that the villages are dying out in the region.

Recall that since its collapse in the October elections, when it increased from 28 to 10 seats, the PQ is essentially the eastern Quebec now, with as only exceptions, elected in Joliette and one in Longueuil.

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