The parties responded to the withdrawal of Pierre Maudet of the presidency of the Council of State

GenèvePierre Maudet waives temporarily to the presidency of the government, taken over by Antonio Hodgers. The police goes to Mauro Poggia, the Airport to Serge Dal Busco. Relive our live.

Les partis réagissent au retrait de Pierre Maudet de la présidence du Conseil d'État

Met in corpore, the Executive genevois comes to address the public to announce new measures in respect of a councillor of State in charge of Security and president of the government, Pierre Maudet. These actions follow the revelations about the journey of the liberal-radical in the united arab Emirates in November 2015.

Pierre Maudet renounces the presidency of the government, taken over by Antonio Hodgers, said the latter, up to now vice-president, a function which passes it on to Anne Emery-Torracinta. Mauro Poggia, deputy for security affairs, was appointed head of the police. Serge Dal Busco, minister of Infrastructure return to the Airport. These measures are taken as a temporary measure, “and in a logic of reversibility”, said Antonio Hodgers, stating that the decisions were taken unanimously.

“It turns out that Mr. Maudet gave the wrong information to the State Council on several occasions, both during the previous legislature that during the current,” said Antonio Hodgers. The result is that he has violated the rules of protocol and acceptance of gifts.”

The Green spoke of a “confidence shaken”, while wishing that the government continues to move forward. Following a question from the press, he said that the possible resignation of Pierre Maudet had not been raised by the college. According to Antonio Hodgers, the decision to withdraw the sole responsibility of the police to its owner is related to a new information for the Executive, namely the fact that the judicial police working on investigations relating to Pierre Maudet.

As to the transfer from the Airport, it would be “by gain-of-peace”, according to the ecologist, no new elements arose concerning the allocation of markets, airport. “I have measured to what extent there was a need, in the example of the Airport, take the distance even if nothing has underpinned the shadow of the quarter of a suspicion,” said Pierre Maudet. I am serene on the progress of the investigation.”

The liberal-radical retains its security Department, although somewhat amputated. This dicastery is seen remplumé by functions such as the monitoring of municipalities and the economic development (both from the Department of presidential affairs), as well as by the business support, detached from the Finances.

On 5 September, the government had announced the first in a series of “organizational measures” restricting the margin of action of Pierre Maudet, even if this liberal-radical remained president of the Council of State as well as minister of Security and the Economy. The direction of the government college and its external representation had been entrusted to the vice-president, Antonio Hodgers (Green). Deputy of Pierre Maudet for the security aspects, Mauro Poggia (MCG) had resumed under his leadership the State of relations with the judiciary as well as the administrative responsibility of a particular section of the forces of law and order, the general Inspection of services, that is to say, the police of the police.

The Grand Council will have to vote next week on lifting the immunity of Pierre Maudet, required by the public Ministry. The Council of State, elected last spring, will present this Friday its legislative agenda.

You can review the entire press conference below :

The parties react to the decisions

We asked the principal political formations of the comment to warm the decisions of the Council of State.

Ana Roch (chair, MCG): “These decisions are wise. I never asked for his resignation, because the investigation is ongoing, but it is not possible that the president of the Council of State, the standard of the canton and of the institutions, are the object of suspicion in the headlines every day. We cannot imagine that the new officers, who will be sworn in at Savatan in the next week, do it in front of Pierre Maudet. In fact, the Council of State following the claim of the Commission of control management of the Grand Council.”

Céline Amaudruz (chairman, UDC): “All his titles to him being withdrawn, he is paid to do nothing. This is not to the citizens of salarier a minister without portfolio! It will be up to the justice to appreciate the actions of Pierre Maudet, but politically, he is finished and has no more credibility. The HWP switzerland has dropped and the geneva section soon will be. The liberals, radicals need to take responsibility and tell him quickly from. A by-election to the Council of State seems to me inevitable, and it may be won by the left, which worries me.”

Alexandre de Senarclens (president, PLR): “The other councillors of State have clearly yielded to the pressure of their respective parties. I am surprised by these decisions in two stages from the government and do not understand what facts to justify this new skinning of the powers of Pierre Maudet. I hope that these measures take a little bit of serenity in the immediate future – even if they are not sustainable in the long-term – and that they will allow Pierre Maudet to prove his innocence to justice. The fact that the opposing parties are calling for the resignation is part of the political game, but I call upon them to respect the separation of powers and the presumption of innocence.”

Vincent Master (future president, PDC): “I can only take note of these decisions in the hope that they will be own to stabilize the institutions, which is far from guaranteed since it is a real upheaval at the head of the State. I’m waiting to see it to judge.”

Nicolas Walder (chairman, Green party): “These measures are the best that the State Council could take to work these next few weeks, releasing Pierre Maudet almost all of its features. It soothes and things on the side of the police and avoids jeers him by dismissing him from the presidency. The government seems to prefer to leave it to Pierre Maudet freedom to resign himself, which is the only decision that is required today. This departure is inevitable, then, that each small connection newly discovered comes to reinforce the suspicion.”

Carole-Anne Kast (chair, PS): “the measures of The Council of State is the minimum of what we could expect. Pierre Maudet does not resign, as the suspicions about his lack of integrity make it impossible for the work of the government. I doubt he has given up himself to the presidency as he does for example not tell the truth spontaneously. This case shows that the gifts must never be accepted as their acceptance nourishes necessarily the suspicion of partiality, which is untenable for our institutions. We also see the fragility of our system that must now consider ways of developing tools for, in some cases, the power to suspend or revoke an elected official.”

Peter Vanek (member of parliament, Set to the left): “We ask for three months that Pierre Maudet is away from the police which occurs with a considerable delay. We had told his colleagues that they were crazy to give him the presidency, with the pans that it was dragging, and we had been told that there was no half-councillor of State, but today, Maudet is a 10% or 20% with the rest. I am shocked by the contortions of Antono Hodgers when he explains that they have not been asked to resign. Was he hypnotized ? He is gifted, but now the farce is over.”


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