The path a little rocky the Flying Joes

Le chemin un peu rocailleux des Flying Joes

In the margins of hip-hop, electro house, indie, pop and other styles that abound on the planet of music, the quebec group Flying Joes get to draw its pin from the game with his power rock of the 80s. One of the leather jackets, long hair and heavy rings of silver. To finance a part of his next album, the trio will invest the Maison de la culture de Waterloo on the 1st of next march, offering at the same time his other band, CCR, Reborn. A two-for-one.

In the opinion of the singer and bassist Syd Bédard, the career of the Flying Joes knows the path a little rocky ” the rock bands that produce original material. Start an album — and a second one in their case — is not trivial. After Let It Out, well received by the community, the trio is in full creation ofInvincible, which should be available in digital format and in CD version in October.

A first extract of the same name was launched in November last year, a taster of this album in the making. When The Voice of the East has spoken to Syd Bedard this week, he and his accomplices — Yves Côté and JF Arsenault — preparing to enter the studio to record the other 11 parts of’Invincible, with renowned producer Glen Robinson.

Syd Bébard which, as Yves Côté, was born in Granby, explains the choice of the title : “In these times of disillusionment, the spirit of division and chaos that settled in the world, it is more important than ever to remain united with the family, friends, etc, It is necessary to encourage tolerance. Together, we are invincible ! “

The guideline, however, remains very heterogeneous, ” he adds. There will be particularly the question of seduction, father-figure, of hope and of protection of the environment… All the words of the group in montreal are in English. Because it is more accessible, more “international” and therefore more convenient to live from their music, ” says Bédard, who has long been the rock francophone, however.


Performing on the stage of Waterloo, the 1st of march, the group hopes to attract enough rock fans to fill a portion of the expenses generated by the production ofInvincible.

To get there, the guys have more than one trick in their bag. As propose, the same evening, a benefit of their other training, CCR-Reborn-a tribute to the group Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR). “CCR-Reborn works very well and it has a big impact. We thus search for the spectators by the back door, by presenting them with Flying Joes in the first part. In 2019, we will mix our two groups in concert, ” says the rocker.

In short, the three musicians will present the first 40 minutes of the material of the Flying Joes, before tackling the repertoire of CCR in the main performance. For this second part, the keyboardist Gab Heinz will join the trio.

Want to go there ?

When : Friday, 1 march at 20 h

Where : Maison de la culture de Waterloo

Tickets :

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