The Pioneers draw attention to Waterloo

Les Pionniers attirent l’attention à Waterloo

The Pioneers of Lanaudière are the team that attracts the most attention in the class AAA Tournament pee wee Waterloo. After winning the tournament of Saint-Hyacinthe and Repentigny, the Pioneers had won their first two games at the arena Jacques-Chagnon before you jump on the ice again on Friday night.

The Pioneers mainly attract attention because of the presence of three or four players that many people already go very far.

Defender Adam Fortier-Gendron is part of the group of players in question. In fact, he is the one who does the most talking. Big and fat, he has amassed 20 points, including nine goals, in 18 games within the League of excellence of Quebec.

“Honestly, it does everything well, throw in unison the coaches of the Pioneers. This is clearly a player of a higher level. We can see immediately by looking at it. “

The next season, Fortier-Gendron will play in the bantam AAA. It will not pass through the bantam AAA reports. And then, this will be the midget AAA. The path seems to be already mapped out. We are going to follow.

Sprint final

The tournament of Waterloo will crown its champions in the AAA, the BB and the A Sunday afternoon.

The Gunners Bedford/Cowansville/Farnham are in the thick of the fight in the BB, while the semi-finals in the A object Bromont to Cowansville and Farnham to Waterloo/Valcourt Saturday.

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