December 1, 2023

The plane takes off and the employee falls asleep in the cargo hold – Prism

Anyone who has experienced a heavy sleep in the middle of the day should cast the first stone.

Even taking a nap for a few minutes, depending on where you work, can happen.

But a shipping company in India was not vigilant enough to wake up in time to avoid a major accident.

An IndiGo employee slept in the cargo hold of an A320-200 at Mumbai Airport last Sunday (12).

The plane was preparing for the flight to Abu Dhabi. The aircraft’s registration number is VT-IIJ, which operated Flight 6E-1835.

The plane took off with the worker in the compressed cargo hold. The guy woke up only after takeoff.

He was found safely upon his arrival in the United Arab Emirates.

Flight 6E-1835 operates at dawn, which may partly explain the employee’s drowsiness. IndiGo is scheduled to take off at 2:25 AM, on that day it was half an hour late at 2:59 AM. The flight time was two hours and 53 minutes.

The man, whose name has not been released, underwent a medical examination and was brought back to India on the same plane, but this time, he was a resident among the passengers.

On December 12, 2021, the Indigo A320 will operate as a 6E-1835 from Mumbai to Abu Dhabi. When the bag is finished loading, one of the porters relaxes in bag 1 and sleeps behind the bag. A senior official investigating the case said, according to the Aviation Herald, that the cargo door closed after basement staff identified the number.

According to The Indies Times, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is investigating the serious accident.

Some IndiGo employees have been suspended from their duties pending the completion of the investigation.

The charger woke up when the plane took off from Mumbai airport. He was spotted in Abu Dhabi, and the Abu Dhabi authorities conducted a medical examination for the worker. The man’s physical condition was stable. After obtaining the necessary permits from the local authorities in Abu Dhabi, the official added, a passenger was brought back to Mumbai on the return flight.

The airline was limited to confirming the incident.