June 28, 2022
The player who decides to stay

The player who decides to stay

Defender Joao Victor was chosen to hold a press conference on Friday afternoon, but in addition to himself and the Corinthians team, he saw a topic of conversation with reporters: the contractual situation of attacking midfielder Gabriel Pereira. The partner has a contract until March 2022 and can already sign a pre-link with another club.

For Joao, although businessmen are directing the negotiations, if the Doctor really wanted to stay in Corinthians, he would. The player has been a target of foreign clubs, and almost a month after manager Roberto de Andrade spoke of a “deal in progress”, nothing had been signed.

“The manager is there to be our partner, he is there to help us, but the last word is for the player. Whoever plays is the player. So whether he really wants to stay or not is the player that decidesThis was stated by the defender.

Joao himself is an example of an athlete emerging from the youth categories who appreciated this year and needed to renegotiate the contract, In your case without big obstacles. Not too close to Gabriel Pereira, he says he doesn’t have much to talk about.

“We don’t talk much about the GP’s longevity or his departure. I think he was talking to his manager and his agency. I hope he remains a great player who helped us a lot, but then it’s not my decision anymore, it’s my decision with his agents. I hope this situation will be resolved soon.”

The hurdle in the negotiations is currently the compromise of values ​​between the board of directors and the athlete’s representatives, another point Joao raised, saying with humor that he had no problem renewing it when it was his turn.

“It’s something we players don’t realize, because the managers and their agents decide that. In terms of salary, don’t worry, I’m earning well. I think he’ll win what he’s worth if Corinthians stay with him, I’m sure if he wins more or less than me, that’s the direction in which He will determine it. I am very happy with my salary right now (laughs).”

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