February 5, 2023

“The player will not be…”; Flamengo makes its last-minute decision about Joao Gomez’s future after a “mysterious” post


The reigning Robro-Negro champions in the 2022 tournament, Wolverhampton (ING) and Lyon (France) feuded with Joao Gomez.

Photo: Jorge Rodrigues/AGIF – João has been one of the highlights for Rubro-Negro in 2022.

One of the best pieces in the starting line-up Flamingo In 2022, Joao Gomez continues the indefinite situation for 2023. A few days ago, his departure was basically fixed by Mais Querido, but negotiations continued. This is because after the player expressed his desire to play in the Premier League, a proposal was made from Lyon (France). The French proposal is financially larger.

According to information from FLA columnAnd Flamengo withdrew from negotiating the player with the English club, and even returned the player to training. However, the intention must be to sell it. President Rodolfo Landim now has two options at the wheel: stay at Robro Negro or trade with Paqueta’s former side. It is worth noting that Lyon’s offer amounts to 19 million euros (about 107 million Brazilian riyals), which is higher than the 17 million offered by the English.

In the midst of this uncertainty about his future, The wheel went to his social networks and made a “mysterious post”.leaving the nation with doubts about its future. And he posted on Twitter the following message: “God is the most wonderful.” With that said, most of the fans commented on the post asking more about the post. In fact, several accounts linked to Leon commented on the post celebrating a possible settlement.

However, the situation is still undetermined, but should be consolidated throughout this week. It should also be noted that, since the athlete’s initial interest was playing in the English Premier League, Mingo even gave the club the opportunity to match Lyon’s proposal, but this did not happen. Now, without knowing whether or not he will get his defensive midfielder for the season, Mais Querido is preparing to face Nova Iguaçu on Saturday (21), at 4 p.m.

Lucas Piccolo

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