May 30, 2023
The podcast talks about immigration and women's lives in America

The podcast talks about immigration and women’s lives in America

The health plan was created by two immigrant women in America during the pandemic

*Valeria Fernandez

We didn’t just launch Season 1 of our Spanish-language podcast to talk about trans, non-binary, and immigrant women’s health: I broke the news to my colleague: “I’m pregnant!”. Maritza L. Félix was my pleasure. A co-producer and mother, her grandmother – a close and trusted friend – the beauty is that she understands me.

It’s January 2021 and Covid vaccines are not yet available in Arizona. This added another layer to our production challenges. Will I be safe doing an in-person interview? Are we stuck in the studio for hours to record? Maritza was patient and understanding of the added anxiety I had due to the pandemic. We got creative and used it Zoom in, long microphone sticks and masks. Many masks.

podcast”Guys al air” began to be described this way in the midst of epidemics: from conversations between our extended families of goddaughters. As journalists, we build on the relationships we’ve built over the years covering the challenges facing undocumented immigrants in Arizona. One of them is the disparities in access to our healthcare system.

More importantly, we found a place to dump the human part that is often neglected due to daily news coverage.

Together, we have nearly 40 years of journalism experience. We are both immigrants. I am from Uruguay. She is from Mexico. We both made our careers in America, writing in Spanish for an immigrant audience – people like us. We also undertook a cross-examination of writing in English to influence our work policy change. At least, that’s what I thought. But after a decade, the mission of community-based journalism took my heart. A type of journalism that doesn’t talk about immigrants as “them” because we are “them”.

We like to say we’re talking guys.”From the window to the subconsciouse” – from the womb to the subconscious, in Spanish – and we are among friends. With Radio Bilingual we reach people on internet and radio, reaching people who are still affected by the digital divide. We are slowly building a community at a time when the world feels scary and distant.

The voices that join our podcasts—doctors, therapists, mothers, lovers, apulidas, midwives, and activists—create a network of mutual support to change the narratives that confront our health and inequities. We’re gearing up for our next season, We’re No Longer Goddaughters, which is scheduled to air in early September. We are a village. We’re listening and implementing what our community has asked for. Show that change happens when we talk to our communities, not about them.

*Valeria Fernandez He was a visiting professor in 2021.

Text translated by Gabriela Maestre. Read the original English.

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