February 2, 2023
The police rule out theft and say the actor fell alone

The police rule out theft and say the actor fell alone

After a week of investigation, the police said that Thiago Rodriguez fell alone. In an interview with Record TV’s “Domingo Espetacular,” the rep denied that the former Globo actor was hit during a robbery or was involved in a fight.

The photos published by the broadcaster show that he appears to be leaning against Adil’s booth, after 5:40 am last Sunday (11), when he fell in Santos Dumont Square, in Javea, Southern District of Rio de Janeiro

“I can He claims he’s sitting in a fair booth and suddenly he falls forward,” the rep said From the issue, Bianca Lima🇧🇷 He continued: “He claimed he left the event with a friend. That friend would have said: ‘Look Thiago, I left you at that place and you’re fine. It was already 5:40 in the morning.'”

After falling, he was rescued by the stall owners who set up their stalls and the people passing by. “Here at the police station, he simply said, ‘I don’t remember what happened,'” said the chief of police.

Now, the question that remains for the police is if the actor was stolen after the fall or if the device was lost. “We will find out where this cell phone is, we need time to notify the operators and find out where this cell phone is,” said the delegate.

After contacting Record, Thiago Rodrigues’ advisor preferred not to comment on the video shown, nor on the representative’s statement.

understand the situation

A week ago, on Saturday evening (10), actor Thiago Rodriguez attended an event at the Jockey Clube, Where he was going to participate in a battle in the VIP area. The next morning, he was found unconscious by stallholders at Praça Santos Dumont, in Javea.

After that, he was taken to Miguel Cotto Hospital, where it was confirmed that the actor had a head injury. At first, he claimed he had been struck during a robbery, but over the course of the week, police increased the chances of fights and accidental falls.

Although Thiago Rodriguez claimed that he had been robbed, only his cell phone was gone. Found with backpack, lanyard and wallet. New testimonies and security camera footage further weaken the theft theory.