The policy year in quebec by 10 winks

L’année politique québécoise en 10 clins d’Œil

Last may, we had asked Jean-François Côté and François Legault if one or the other would form a coalition with a possible liberal minority government.
— Response from Mr. Legault : “Me, I’m working for a majority government of the CAQ.”
— Response from Mr. Lisée : “Same answer!” …?!?!?!?!
— Astonishment of Mr. Legault, who was with Mr. Lisée at that time : “A majority government of the QAF?”, thus had supported the chief caquiste, as if he asked him if he was sure of what he was saying.

The art of spice up a campaign

This year, between Christmas and new Year’s Day, Philippe Couillard has decided to feed his family by spending just $ 75 to… You remember? It was during the election campaign. A radio host had asked the outgoing prime minister if he believed it possible that a single-parent family with two teenagers manages to feed with $ 75 per week. “I would think that yes,” replied the liberal leader. Mind you, he would have answered no, he would have then asked why he tolerated that this is the case for many families. He replied with yes… If you don’t put a lot of spices in our dishes with $ 75 per week, Mr. Couillard, to him, has seriously spiced his campaign.

Hello sir

It was not so long ago, when François Legault and his deputy François Paradis in the opposite direction, we heard, quite naturally, “Hi Francis,” and “Hi Francis”. It was a simple life, without ado. This is what told the new prime minister recently referring to the new president of the national Assembly, the other Francis of the story. And to conclude François Legault : “Here, in the national Assembly, there will be no more of “Hi Francis”, “Hello Francis.” This will be “Hello, Mr President”, “Hello, Mr. prime minister”. No doubt, an election is passed through it.

Translation please

The case was the headlines in the beginning of the year. Premier Philippe Couillard had it recognized, yes or no, that his government had taken too much money in the pockets of Quebecers? We leave it to you to judge his words. “It is up to you, this money there, and had launched, Mr. Couillard. It is you who sent it. And we find that we don’t need all of the money that you sent us to do the job as it should be. That fact that you gives. It is a return that you have because Quebec is going well. It is not a gift. This is due to the citizens of Québec who contributed to the effort, the pis that have the right to receive their share of this effort.” What is the debate around this phrase! But note that there is a continuity to the head of the State of Quebec. Nearly 12 months after this declaration convoluted of Mr. Couillard, his successor, François Legault, never ceases to boast of “putting the money in the wallet” of Quebec.

Tribute collective and individual

In all, 71 deputies out of 125 have left willingly or by force the national Assembly between the general elections of 2014 and the 1st of October. How to pay homage to all? It was thought to do it through one of the most humble of them : André Drolet, ex-member for Jean-Lesage. In 2014, Mr. Drolet had said to remember having seen him play Jean Béliveau for the Aces of Quebec, while he was not yet born at that time… This year, in 2018, the memory of the mp was still a little confused. At a public event in his district, he had indicated that he attended the school of the Grande-Hermine, in Limoilou, when he was little. Impossible; it was built 10 years ago! It should, of course, speak of the former school of St. Francis of Assisi, who once stood on the same ground.

The year of the look

The proof that the look is not enough… Jean-François Lisée had taken the party to laugh. And for good reason : he could not hide that he had changed a bit the color of her hair. It was visible, and this is what he wanted. A shot of youth can do no wrong. Mr. Lisée was also wearing new glasses at this time. They were more in the wind. With the hat and the Dr Martens Catherine Dorion, we will finally have the much talked about fashion in quebec politics this year. A lesson? The mode and its accessories are neither win nor lose. But it is talking! During this time, in our cities and in our countryside…

Expenditures peeled

How many bottles of wine mps drink-they during parliamentary missions abroad? And at what price? The year 2018 will have left these questions, and many others, are outstanding. These issues have so angered the former president of the national Assembly, Jacques Chagnon, which he finished by letting go “that the cost of the dry cleaner in” the “panties” of the journalist who asked him that day it would not be known either to the general public. Mr. Chagnon did not want to dissect his expenses or those of his colleagues, then one remembers that he would not hesitate to order the lobster shelled in the restaurant The member of parliament for dinner, a dish that is not listed on the menu.

Skirmishes on the cannabis

Even if cannabis is supposed to soothe the spirits, he has warmed to the national Assembly. In April, the ex-liberal minister Lucie Charlebois has taken away against the caquiste Simon Jolin-Barrette, who was accused of taking the legalization of pot to the light. Stung to the quick, she in turn started to be “cursed” and “really on the heart.” Mr. Barrette has argued that she should listen to his arguments, instead of “sucking”. Now in power, the CAQ relishes his revenge by filing a bill more severe than the one that Ms. Charlebois has passed. But it is past fits of rage to the tongue of wood. Why spend the minimum age to consume 21 years? The minister Lionel Carmant always has the same answer in the mouth : “cannabis, that is legal, but this is not commonplace”. A slogan repeated so often that it has earned him the taunts of his opponents.

Not a genius!

No need to shine in the contest of general knowledge to become prime minister. Proof : François Legault has tangled the brushes in answering journalists ‘ questions on immigration during the election campaign. He confessed very candidly the next day that he would not have “earned Geniuses in the grass” and that he would have had to take the matter “under advisement”. Even his reading unbridled on how to immigrate to Quebec during the night will not be enough to ensure that it responds appropriately to the questions the next day. But it is necessary to believe that Quebecers have a big heart and forgive those who apologize. During the last debate, Mr. Legault has made his mea culpa. “I’m not perfect. Sometimes I do make mistakes.” Remember the lesson : you have to learn to apologize.

Well treat his dwarf

When a situation is troublesome, it is better not to add more. This is what has likely learned the CAQ when she showed the door to its candidate Stéphane Laroche, in St-Jean, in September. The canadian Press had discovered that as owner of bar, Mr. Laroche was among others organised two evenings of Saint-Jean-Baptiste, called Dwarf-Jean-Baptiste, by hiring a facilitator of small size. “The dwarf has been well treated and he has been paid”, initially supported the press officer Mathieu St-Amand in defending the candidate. But the CAQ has not defended well for a long time. A few hours later, the candidate Laroche was ejected from the team. Remains this astonishing and questionable citation of the press secretary, one of the sad beads of the 2018 campaign.

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