The PQ in power in 2022? Everything is possible, writes Pascal Bérubé

Le PQ au pouvoir en 2022? Tout est possible, estime Pascal Bérubé

The Parti québécois (PQ) intends to form the next government in… 2022.

“Everything is possible”, says the interim leader of the parti québecois, Pascal Bérubé.

The training, however, has suffered a historic defeat in 2018 at the hands of the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ), which put an end to the alternation between the liberal Party (PLQ) and the parti québécois: 30 seats, and more than 1 million votes in 2014, the PQ has dropped to 10 seats and nearly 700 000 votes, followed closely by Quebec solidaire (QS).

In an interview in the end of the year given to The canadian Press, Pascal Bérubé refers to precedents to base its hopes: the New democratic Party of ontario, which has been propelled to the status of the second opposition, in 1990, to the formation of a majority government led by Bob Rae, with 74 seats.

However, the PQ is currently the second opposition in the Room, while another — the previous nearest — the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) was the second opposition until the beginning of the campaign of 2018, and is now the government… with 75 seats.

A different date is required before: the PQ will be at the crossroads in 2019. This is where the party will decide on the leadership race and the next congress. This is yet another rebuilding phase for the pq members.

“We have a spirit body,” said Mr. Bérubé, speaking of his small team, mainly concentrated in the east of Quebec. (…) One is aware of the situation, the people are lucid, positive.”

The PQ may decide that the election of the future chief before the conference, or the reverse, or that everything is simultaneous.

Sure thing, the next leader will have to be “in phase with the program, and the congress,” said Mr. Bérubé, who is member for Matane-Matapédia.

“The context has changed”

Besides, his teammates, and he remains “convinced” that the programme of the last election campaign is “strong” and contains good measures that they will continue to promote.

The proposal to postpone the referendum to a second term of a potential of the PQ government, she contributed to the collapse of the vote pq and will survive it in a future version of the program?

Pascal Bérubé said that he “assumes all of the decisions until the end”. He adds, however, that “the context has changed” and that “it will be necessary to ask important questions about many things.”

Several proposals have been circulated for the revival of the PQ: overhaul, change of name, etc, Mr. Bérubé keeps a reserve duty because of the acting, which he assumes.

“I purposely chose not to comment, otherwise it will not end.”

It retains the last campaign that the chief caquiste François Legault had formulated responses to the needs of the consumer and to the user, while the PQ was in the collective and the citizen.

“It is attractive, offering money in its pockets, but we consider that it is more responsible to provide first services for people who don’t.”

The interim leader of the parti québecois takes note of the “honeymoon” with the new government, but knows that it will end sooner or later. On what is at stake?

“The relationship with the federal government, he answered. The prime minister (François Legault) is going to realize that the ambitions he has for the city of Québec will be limited considerably by our status as a province. We, we know.”

What unites the PQ, the independence of Quebec, is therefore even more relevant today, ” he continued, recognizing that this is not the “easy way”.

The party does not intend to give in on the ideal or to give it up to Québec solidaire, for the ability to dream.

“It is necessary that the changes it proposes to make to dream in a realistic way, said Mr. Bérubé. We are not revolutionaries, we are humanists concrete, we want to create expectations achievable.”



The interim leader of the parti québecois Pascal Bérubé calls his troops to “more civility” on the social networks.

This is the time to demonstrate listening and humility, pleaded Mr. Bérubé, at the end of a difficult year, marked by the historical defeat of the Parti québécois (PQ) in October.

There needs to be more openness in the discussions to broaden support and win adherents, he says. During the election campaign, supporters of both sides have often come to the invective on Facebook and Twitter.

“Sometimes, I see on the social networks of people who believe well serve our cause, but that could be more openness,” he said in a long interview with The canadian Press, for the balance of the year.

Himself very active on Twitter, he said that he wanted to lead by example and that it may even be seen in its parliamentary group, now composed of 10 members only, “who is going to approach things with humility.”

It is addressed to all of the sovereignists, regardless of their political party partisan. “It is necessary that the responsibility to open the ears, arms, hearts, minds back at all of the sovereignists.”

He invites them to be more attentive to people’s moods and state of mind of the citizens, to understand and to accept other points of view.

“To convince people, you need to know where people are currently. It can inspire, listen to, and it wins all the time”, he believes.

The PQ claims to be still training with the most members and who collects the most funding among all of the parties, but it “must be now that it transposes in support” for the next election campaign, has desired Mr. Bérubé.

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