The PQ wants to study the overuse of Ritalin

Le PQ veut étudier la surconsommation de Ritalin

The over-prescribing of drugs to treat hyperactivity in children is worrying the politicians. The Parti québécois is calling for a parliamentary commission on the subject, in order to send “a powerful message” to the company.

Mp pq Sylvain Gaudreault is reaching out to all parties for the creation of this non-partisan commission, which may be in the image of the special commission on the right to die in dignity.

Mr. Gaudreault is concerned about the fact that it is in his region, Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, it is prescribed the most psychostimulants (such as Ritalin) among young people. Approximately 30% of secondary school students in its region in consume, while at the scale of Québec, the proportion is about 15%. The prevalence of the disorder attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is, however, between 5% and 10%.

For the group of 65 pediatricians who signed an open letter on the subject, Quebec is due for a true “examination of conscience”. “We didn’t want it to remain a media buzz that lasted 24 hours, as it has already been the case in the past,” explains the pediatrician Pierre Claude Poulin.

A study committee on the abuse of psychostimulants has been established 20 years ago, but its recommendations were set aside, says Mr. Poulin, who was sitting. “I think that there is nothing set in 1999, and one is in front of the same problem.”

According to pediatricians, this problem is amplified today due to the lack of physical activity among youth and the time spent in front of screens.

More details to come…

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