December 3, 2023
The prefix shows telemarketing calls: how to block these numbers?

The prefix shows telemarketing calls: how to block these numbers?

Anatel (the national telephony agency) has organized a form that allows identification of Telemarketing calls Actively, whether to sell products or services. Communication channels for this purpose will have the prefix ‘0303’, which has been in effect since 2019 for landlines and is now mandatory for mobile phones. So, when this icon appears, you will know the origin of the call.

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Those who are uncomfortable with networks trying to connect at all times will have the opportunity to restrict these actions. Even those who hate to manually lock all the onscreen phones. Between the settings on the smartphone itself and the requests on the portal of regulators, ending this problem was not at all so easy.

Learn how to block telemarketing numbers from your cell phone

Request from the phone company

Contact your telephone network service provider and ask your questions about blocking unknown numbers.

Access the page do not bother me

Register on the Do Not Disturb website and enter your details. On your profile, click “New Block”. Add your mobile number and choose the companies you don’t want to call. After that, the platform will issue a code and within 30 days you will not receive unwanted calls.

Download apps that track contacts

Hiya, Truecaller, and Whoscall are excellent options for Android and iOS platforms. The apps help monitor and manage calls. Remember to choose apps approved by official stores like the ones recommended above.