November 30, 2023
The premiere of "1883" broke the American audience record

The premiere of “1883” broke the American audience record

Photo: Press / Paramount + / Modern Popcorn

The premiere of the Western “1883” series derived from “Yellowstone” made some achievements in the United States.

According to Nielsen’s audience audition, the pay TV channel Paramount debuted last Sunday (12/19) with 4.9 million viewers, making it the biggest new series release on pay TV. American since 2015 (Arena on the AMC channel “Into the Badlands”).

“1883” also aired simultaneously on the CMT Bay Channel. Re-broadcast on the same day, including an audience of two channels, it reached a total of 6.4 million viewers on the first day of airing.

In addition, it will set a new audience record on the Paramount + platform. However, this information was sent to the press by the ViacomCBS Group without providing numbers or comparison data.

“The results of ‘1883’ premiere are truly amazing,” said Tanya Giles, director of streaming programming at ViacomCBS on digital performance. “Streaming numbers from Day 1, the results of the linear model effort and the social response of our audience show the tremendous promise of this series.”

Currently, the most watched series on American Bay TV is “Yellowstone”, which has been tuned by 7.5 million people.

Both series are the work of screenwriter and filmmaker Taylor Sheridan, who was nominated for an Academy Award for “Any Cost”. In addition, he signed “The Mayor of Kingstown” which was viewed by 2.6 million viewers. All three are part of the Paramount Bay Channel programs.

One of the variations of “1883” is that it features two famous folk music stars: real life couple Tim McGrath (“A Possible Dream”) and Faith Hill (“Dixland”).

Spin-off is part of the success of “Yellowstone”. But even though the series starring Kevin Costner is set in the contemporary American West, New Gravity is a true Western set from the late 19th century, which tells the origin of the family fortunes of the original Gravity.

The new protagonists are the ancestors of John Dutton (Kastner), who flee poverty out of the Promised Land of Montana, on the great plains, in search of a better future among Indians and outlaws.

McGrath first plays John Dutton, Hill his wife, and the family includes teenager Isabel May (“Young Shelton”) and boy Audi Rick.

In addition to them, actors Sam Elliott (“A Star Is Born”) and Lamonica Garrett (from “Crisis in the Endless Lands” crossover) as tour guides and bouncers, and Billy Bob Thornton (“Goliath”), a famous former sheriff Texan – G In 1883 he became an outlaw.

The premiere of this series is not yet in Brazil.