August 9, 2022
The president guarantees timely salaries this week and assesses finances: "The cruise has reached a gap that Nadi has not" |  Sea trip

The president guarantees timely salaries this week and assesses finances: “The cruise has reached a gap that Nadi has not” | Sea trip

The note of Cruzeiro president, Sergio Santos Rodriguez, was the same when he took charge of the club in May 2020, when he was first elected.

– He paid at least one sheet, which is open – said the chief at that time.

October 2021, and Fox’s biggest problem is still the lack of resources. As for the Cruzeiro leader, in an exclusive interview with Globo, there is no doubt:

The ship arrived in a hole that no club could reach

Since 2019, the financial crisis has led to the loss of Cruzeiro’s investment capacity, the departure of the athletes (who could provide resources for the club), the decrease in the number of staff, Steady increase in business cases naturally, debt growth, Today it is again approaching 1 billion Brazilian reals.

In recent weeks, wage delays have prompted players and officials to announce an extreme measure: Stop working until salaries are paid. Part of the workers in the administrative area is still on strike. But Sergio Rodriguez is promising to clear the debt this week.

– Today, in practice, we will come to a scenario where we have practically equal (salary) the employees, Toca I and Toca II. We are focusing on the management club now. The athletes, now, in 2021, this week, will be catching up, too. The pictures are really good. So, we settled all the photos with the salaries that were good. There have been some open picture and CLT competitions that we will be finishing this week.

Sergio Santos Rodriguez promises to solve the salary situation for Cruzeiro’s staff and players – Photo: Globo

Sergio Rodriguez was asked where the resources came from. He preferred not to give details, but said he would release her.

– We’ll post it. It depends on how much it is confirmed, how much we will be able to increase it, but the priority is always getting salaries updated, it is the number one priority today. Cruzeiro owes R$9 million, considering our management. What our management left behind is not included in this account.

If I’m in the chair and sign, the responsibility should be on me. When we arrived, we were much later than we were today – Sergio Rodriguez

The reason for the scarcity of resources in Cruzeiro’s accounts is also the judicial blockade.

– We’ve already spent 20 days directly with the account being banned. it’s complicated. We had nearly R$10m in siege from our previous administrations, which would be more than enough to update our salaries.

The lack of resources also added to the failure in the field. Cruzeiro is very close to competing, for the third year in a row, in the Series B of the Brazilian Championship. Something unprecedented among the country’s top clubs.

– Ah, an athletic performance? It’s your management, but if you had the money to do it, it would surely be done differently – Sergio Santos Rodriguez

Staying in Class B has a strong impact on the accounts. In addition to less sponsorship, as well as a small show, Cruzeiro failed to earn millions in television rights, according to Sergio Rodriguez.

Once you get the TV right, there is a loss of at least R$50 million

Despite the financial difficulties, according to the director, Cruzeiro has been able to make significant payments since last year and deal with huge resources. The main meeting was with the Prosecutor of the National Treasury. Sérgio Rodrigues is making another important point in his management of debt repayment with FIFA.

Sergio Santos Rodriguez, president of Cruzeiro, playing at Independencia – Photo: Fernando Moreno

– From FIFA, there were many, right. Only from the penalties that we imposed and did not have, which we paid in full, then only it was approximately R$40 million.

Sports business specialist, Globo journalist Rodrigo Capello, analyzes that there has been a deterioration in Cruzeiro numbers shown on the balance sheet for the first half of 2021.

The balance sheet is showing some very negative signs. For starters, in debt that ended 2020 at R$900 million, converging, and increased in the first half of 2021. At the end of June, there was debt of R$960 million.

Cruzeiro close to competing, for the third year in a row, in Series B – Photo: R.Pierre/AGIF

Economist and management and sports finance consultant Cesar Grafitti sees the restructuring in Cruzeiro, but the effects are still far from being accounted for.

– You could say that the club is restructuring, but it is far from the club to resume the path of effective recovery there.

Journalist Paulo Vinicius Coelho also assessed Cruzeiro’s situation in the sports field. For him, the president has not yet succeeded in resolving the crisis that he inherited.

– Cruzeiro cannot accustom Brazil to the fact that “there is a big club in the city”. “There’s a big club in town.” There is a great club in Brazil. There is a big club in South America and around the world. But Cruzeiro has to remind the world of that. The crisis began before Sergio Rodriguez, but he was elected with the proposal to solve the crisis. It hasn’t been resolved yet.

For Cruzeiro, the path is the implementation of the Football Association Unknown (SAF). In December, the club intends to transform itself into a club company. But investor access is still missing, to inject resources into Fox.

– This is not the solution for Brazilian football, but it is undoubtedly not one of the means that should raise funds in the fastest and safest way for investors today, because the biggest problem is how investors will inject money into Cruzeiro. Then we struggle a lot for this to happen – said the leader.

Cruzeiro Board of Deliberations meeting to approve the transformation into a club-company – Photo: Gustavo Alexo

Economist Cesar Grafitti points out some of the benefits of implementing a club company.

– This SAF design is made to measure for clubs in Cruzeiro mode. You can separate the debts, leave them with the association, take all the revenue to the SAF, and use 20% of that revenue to pay off the remaining debts on the association.