July 21, 2024

The psychologist points out what was going on in Thiago’s head before he gave up

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Thiago Abravanel’s withdrawal from the BBB22 surprised everyone. Despite the actor’s grief in recent days, no one actually imagined that he would make the decision to withdraw from the show. The LeoDias column searched for a psychiatrist to explain the reason for the former brother’s decision.

Unity is the word. The lack of acceptance and apparent divergence of the other brothers with Thiago Abravanel certainly gave the gas he needed to push the button and ditch Big Brother Brasil.


Reality tests the relationship between people to the extreme and when that somehow stops working, it is almost impossible to stay healthy indoors. Alexander Pease, psychologist and relationship expert, has analyzed what led Abravanel to make the decision:

“Unlike soap operas, reality shows are mainly about real events, with real people, not fictional characters, and there’s no plot or plot to follow! The feelings and emotions involved are exactly what dictate the pace of the game.”
Thiago Abravanel is proof of that! It has shown that being at the BBB is not easy. When you feel lonely, because despite being a conflict, psychologically it is impossible to survive the tensions that it involves inside the house, if you do not have and/or feel the authentic friendships and companies! Perhaps this was the reason for James’ surrender. Measuring the highly emotional sphere is essential to survive in this game! However, the factor that you didn’t choose a spouse, could be very decisive in your decision – being your primary “psychological catalyst”! Out of the house now – he can continue to live and return to his old routine, with the emotional support he needs.”

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