September 25, 2022
The ranking shows the most decisive goalkeepers in Brazil and who is the biggest rival to the leaders |  Statistical spy

The ranking shows the most decisive goalkeepers in Brazil and who is the biggest rival to the leaders | Statistical spy

Goalkeeper Cassio, from CorinthiansHe is the most decisive goalkeeper in Brazil so far. today is Corinthians face at home BragantinoIn which Clayton ranks fifth as the most decisive goalkeeper in the competition. round still international x youths. Daniel, from Inter, looks most likely and is eighth. In the youthsPegorari, former Ituano, who only has three matches for guys Hence it is not shown below.

In 20 matches, Cássio made 12 difficult saves and conceded 11 goals when Corinthians Draw or win with a goal, with an efficiency of 52.2% in critical difficult plays. These are the bids that directly affect the rating score at the time they occur. By making a difficult save when a team wins a goal, the goalkeeper ensures that the team scores two more points than if they conceded the goal. This is all about arrangement.

Clayton from BragantinoIn 22 matches, he made 14 difficult saves and conceded 16 goals in crucial moments with an efficiency of 46.7%. It is worth noting that goalkeepers faced more difficult saves than those listed below, as only those who tied or won were made by the number of goals. See the standings with goalkeepers who have played in at least 10 matches, minimum participation 40% of rounds, a pattern in statistical spy polls.

Photo: Statistical Spy

Since its appearance in Energy In Brazil, in a 0-0 draw at home against Palm treesIn the 16th round, goalkeeper Fernando Miguel has not conceded any goal so far. Which goal? He made nine tough saves, with a 100% proficiency rate in the Decisive Games. The only reason he didn’t oust Cassio from the leadership is that he only played seven matches, which is why there is a minimum participation of 40% of the matches of those who have played the most, to avoid distortions.

With the performance he was achieving in the goal EnergyFernando Miguel should officially begin to shine in the ranking of crucial goalkeepers in four rounds, when he is able to reach the minimum participation 40% of 28 rounds, with 11 matches. See below for his performance and that of other goalkeepers under 10 matches. Compare it to the performance of other goalkeepers who defended Energy In Brazil helps to understand the leader’s comeback rush. Fernando Miguel was on the bench for ten rounds.

Resolute goalkeepers with fewer matches – Photo: Espião Statístico

It all started with a question: Who is your favorite goalkeeper in your team? Who conceded five goals and made ten difficult goals, or who conceded ten goals and made five difficult saves? The answer that seemed most logical was “It depends on the moment of the match when goals were scored and saved. If a saving was made when the team was drawing or winning a goal, and goals were conceded when the team was already winning by two, anyone is welcome.”

Therefore, we chose to compare goalkeepers from the decisive events: goals conceded and difficult saves while their teams tied or won a goal. Any goals scored or difficult saves that directly interfered with the leaderboard score as they occurred.

* The Statistical Espionage Team consists of: Guilherme Maniaudet, Guilherme Marçal, João Guerra, Leandro Silva, Leonardo Martins, Roberto Maleson and Valmir Storti.