The “real” Inouk did things

Les « vrais » Inouk ont bien fait les choses

In the Face of a team that does not have a track record but who is playing very good hockey these days, the Inouk have done especially well, the things Friday night at the centre sportif Léonard-Grondin.

The Granbyens have recorded a victory of 5-1 in front of the Flames of Gatineau. It was for them a fourth success in a row.

But the best news of the evening, it’s back to the game Félip Bourdeau and Nicolas Roy. For the first time in a long time, one had the impression of seeing the “real” Inouk. And to say it all, it seemed to the trouble.

“It’s good to have a alignment a little more complete, has launched Patrice Bosch. It seemed in the momentum of our game, in our dynamic in general. I liked what I saw. The guys have weathered, our defenders are well behaved and Marc-Antoine [Dufour, who made 34 stops] has been good in front of his net. It is a victory very satisfying. “

No, the new captain William Leblanc has not matched the brand of Érik Longtin. But God, he has missed opportunities ! Sometimes because the warden Sean Julian was brilliant and because he sometimes seemed to hold his stick too tight. It has, however, collected a pass, bringing his point total to 99.

Named defensive player of the week in the junior League as AAA, the defender Vincent Lampron still thundered to the attack, which has scored a hat trick. Raphaël Bouchard, who had missed the last game, and Laurent Minville recorded the other goals for the winners, who have launched 44 times on Julien, and who have struck twice in numeric advantage.

Bourdeau, Jeremiah, Major and Tristan Belliveau have amassed two assists each.

“It is true that it is going well at this time, stressed Lampron. But it’s still always a team effort. This evening, Jeremiah [Staff] made me a couple of very nice passes. “

Lampron, who now has 10 goals, and added that he was happy to see the team rack up the wins at a few weeks of the start of the series.

“It’s fun to see guys like Bourdeau and Roy come back. They are good players and we need them. “

Only Hubert Cyrenne-Blanchard and Christopher Morissette were absent due to injury in the face of the Flames.

The Inouk, edition 2018-2019, have certainly made proud members of the champion team of 2013-2014 who were on site Friday. Among these, there was a Jonathan Delorme, Jason Crack, Philip Sardinha, Francis Robichaud, and coach David Lapierre, who recalled the good times of the conquest of the Cup Napa, five years ago.

A wonderful evening, in summary. The only discordant note, they were only 440 in the stands.

The Inouk will be in Montreal on Sunday afternoon.

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