The recipe for happiness : more time and less money

La recette du bonheur : plus de temps et moins d’argent

The happiest people would be those who have less money but more time, according to a recent study published in the Harvard Business Review. Is this the case ?

Most of us have retained the old adage that money does not make happiness. Yet, we continue to desire the salary increases, to deliver the recreation in later and feel guilty for not being able to attend the concert of the elder in order to complete this famous quarterly report.

“People are so preoccupied with their work pay, by the idea of making them still more, they have more worries related to money, launches the psychologist and author, a specialist in happiness, Lucie Mandeville. We need to rethink our relationship with money, because this race widespread affects our mental health. “

Buy time

Recently, the relative importance of time and money in the equation of happiness is changing. Time becomes a priority for more and more people, and they are even willing to spend money to ” buy time “. A study of Harvard Business School survey of 100,000 workers shows that the people who offer the ” time-rich “, that is to say, enriching on the personal, relational, and physical, say they have a better quality of life.

How to buy time ? By refusing a contract or a mandate that will require many additional hours, for example. Or even, choosing a house a little more expensive, but closer to his work. Anything that saves you a few hours to dedicate yourself to your passions and your well-being you will take away anxiety, burnout and depression. Ultimately, it will bring you closer to happiness.

Cultural phenomenon, and the present moment

But change the equation, is not easy. “We have a form of cultural ambitions well installed it is difficult to divest,” explains Lucie Mandeville. North Americans have incorporated the idea of a profession pay and prestige, with which comes a high social status that we like to display. “It must be reprogrammed to develop our capacity to enjoy life,” she says.

It is an ability that young people of generation Y for whom quality of life is important, and which are used to get quickly. They choose not to wait to enjoy life, unlike their parents and grand-parents, and sometimes to the chagrin of some employers ! Their elders should emulate : if the happiness comes in buying time, the money, in the end, it is time !


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