May 28, 2023

The referee justifies the dismissal of Luis Castro in the Flamengo and Botafogo match: “offensive protests” | Botafogo

Edina Alves Batista, Flamengo 2×3 referee Botafogothe match valid for the third round of the Brazilian League, which was held on Sunday at the Maracana stadium, justified the dismissal of Luis Castro, coach of Alfingro, in a summary issued by the Brazilian Football Confederation.

11 minutes into the second half – Botafogo’s Luis Castro was sent off against Flamengo

The Portuguese player received a red card at the start of the second half after a foul during the departure of Junior Santos and the entry of de Placido. In the summary, the referee noted that Lewis had stated “I am in charge of my team” in her direction.

Luis Castro is sent off by referee Edna Alves in the Flamengo vs Botafogo classic – Photo: André Durao

“Because he moved into the home team’s area complaining about gestures and words hitting the air repeatedly. After being warned with a yellow card, he continued his offensive protests. He claimed he did not authorize his team’s substitution, even after the substitute player was up for the act, with the substitution card given. To the fourth official. The fourth official informed me that the player had said he was ready for the substitution and that he could do the same, and after lifting the substitution board, the coach yielded for the third time of the act, repeating the words: ‘I am in charge of my team,’ and still punching the air.”

– The referee orders her team and I lead her team. I had said I didn’t want a set-piece substitution because the player he would have taken off the court was tall, Junior Santos, and he would have put a shorter player on the court. In football anything can happen, and at that moment the corner kick (corner kick), imagine it was a goal for Flamengo, and all the media says I’m crazy because I made a substitution at that moment in a game. But not just for that, it was my decision at the time and I told the refereeing team that I didn’t want to switch at that time, so it wasn’t supposed to happen. I don’t allow anyone to interfere with my team, nor do I admit it.

With the red card, Luis Castro will have to comply with the punishment and will not be able to lead the team against Atletico MG next Sunday, at 6:30 pm, at Nilton Santos Stadium, for the fourth round of Brazil.

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