The return of Olivier Laliberté with the Maroons confirmed

Le retour d’Olivier Laliberté avec les Maroons confirmé

Before apologizing for his homophobic comments, David Godbout had confessed regret to have fired the assistant coach Olivier Laliberté. Regrets that convinced the Liberty of returning to the fold.

Laliberté will therefore be behind the bench of the Maroons Friday, in Cap-de-la-Madeleine as well as Saturday in Joliette.

Godbout had expressed his regret on Saturday night in an interview on the page Facebook of the team, saying that He was not the cause of the problems in the club and that he was likely even more a part of the solution.

“David [Lapierre] told me to come back and I discussed with the other David on Saturday, explained Laliberté. We all make mistakes in life, and David has done a, quite simply. But he was man enough to recognize it and I appreciate it. “

In the same vein, Lapierre and Miguel Fortin has confirmed that Derrick Jacobs will remain with the Maroons as assistant. It will look however the games from the press gallery starting next weekend.

“Derrick remains an asset for us,” said Lapierre, who did not conceal that he was very happy to return Laliberté, who was his deputy in Inouk when the team won the Cup Napa in 2014.

Guilbault in honor

With a harvest of two goals and one Saturday in the face of the Sport at the arena Jacques-Chagnon, Alexis Guilbault has received the third star of the week in the national hockey League senior AAA.

Guilbault dominates the ranking of the markers of the Maroons with his record of 9 goals, 17 assists and 26 points in 18 games.

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