The robot Sophia in Kiev said that she knows about Ukraine

Робот Софія у Києві розповіла, що вона знає про Україну

The robot of Sofia in Kiev

The robot Sophia in Kiev, talked with Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman told what he knows about Ukraine.

The robot Sophia arrived in Kiev for the presentation of their own developments of the children-innovators in the field of robotics. At the meeting, Sofia answered many questions from the audience, and also spoke to Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman that she knows about Ukraine.

In Ukraine a quarter of all stocks of black soil on Earth. The first of the world’s largest cargo plane, Mriya was created by Ukrainian designer Bureau “Antonov”. The world’s first Constitution appeared in Ukraine in 1710. Composer Nikolay Leontovich Ukraine belongs to the most recognizable piece of music “shchedryk – shared Sofia.

Also, the robot asked how her idea with Ukrainian citizenship, what Sofia said that she is a citizen of the world. While in Sofia already have the citizenship of Saudi Arabia.

The robot Sophia in Kiev online-stream conference:


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