February 2, 2023

The roof collapsed, killing four brothers inside the house

Four children were crushed to death after the roof of the house they lived in fell off in the municipality of Esteban Echeverri, Argentina. According to local newspaper Clarin, when the accident occurred, twins Benicio and Noah Nessi, 4, were sleeping, and Lorenzo Del Rio, 6, and Santiago Hardoy, 10, were playing with their mobile phones in the bedroom. The case took place on Monday (9).

The mother, Pamela Nessi, 37, moved into the residence two weeks ago to live with her kids and boyfriend Daniel Lopez, 51. In addition to the four children who were killed, she is also a mother of two. One of them, Valentine, 15, was the one who warned that the room had ceiling problems.

When they got to the site to investigate the damage, the structure had given way. The children died in front of their mother and older brother.

The old, “lousy” house, according to the neighbors, was a source of alarm in the neighborhood. Santiago’s 31-year-old father, Pablo Ezequiel Hardoy, said rubbish thrown on the board could have caused the accident. He saw that “on Sunday they put rubble on the slab and we believe that this is the reason for the dissolution of the structure.”

The Argentine police registered the case as a murder. The homeowner, Daniel Lopez, was arrested. However, a judge ordered his release and asked to determine whether to demolish or restore the property, depending on the dangers it posed to the neighborhood.

The newspaper stated that the children’s mother has not made any statement yet because of the state of shock she is experiencing. In a post on social media, she wrote: “Rest in peace my little angels. My life is gone. I miss you.”

said Vanessa Gonzalez, who is in charge of investigating the case.