January 29, 2023
The salaries of the increasing professions range from 7000 reais to 70 thousand reais;  paying off

The salaries of the increasing professions range from 7000 reais to 70 thousand reais; paying off

The recovery of the economy after the decline in the cases of Covid is raising a dispute among companies to hire professionals in 2022. According to a survey conducted by the multinational company Robert in Brazil WaltersThere will be good opportunities in areas such as information technology (IT), digital marketing, finance and human resources.

The starting salary in high-level roles for 2022 can be as high as R$70,000, as in the case of an experienced Financial Manager (CFO).

The survey contains about 100 positions in selected regions – you can request more information for free at da robert walters website. The top 30 jobs are in the table below.

According to the study, in the first quarter, companies tend to invest primarily in hiring executive-level leaders, such as finance and information managers.

A higher wage is good, but the employee wants more

Robert Walters It is estimated that there will be an average 5% to 10% increase in salaries for hiring the jobs most demanded by companies. In technology-related sectors, the increase can be as high as 20%.

According to Richard Townsend, director of the multinational company in Brazil, companies competing for professionals from hot spots in the market have to offer other advantages and attractions.

It is extremely important for all companies, regardless of size, to start thinking about their talent acquisition strategy [recrutamento] and retain talent. Simply offering a good salary will not suffice. It is necessary to take into account the well-being, life outside work and the development of each employee. This is the trend that will remain in 2022.
Richard Townsendmanager robert Walters no brazil

Hybrid work will need a rethink

The need for social isolation during the pandemic has forced many companies to work remotely or hybrid (semi-presence) since 2020. According to a Robert Walters survey, the trend for 2022 is to promote the hybrid system, but it should be a better regulator.

The consultancy interviewed 2,000 specialists on the subject, and 40% said hybrid working arrangements “could be improved”.

The main complaint is that the hastily built hybrid model has brought about more intensive work days, for which it is necessary to participate in virtual face-to-face meetings. Of those surveyed, 54% said they were exhausted and 39% were exhausted.

Despite criticism of the hybrid system, 42% said they would resign if it was terminated by the company.

The majority of professionals interviewed (85%) said they expected more flexibility to work from home, and 78% said they would not accept a new job until this was agreed with their potential employer.