The school made its entry in the tournament pee-wee of Waterloo

Le scolaire fait son entrée au tournoi pee-wee de Waterloo

The ice is broken at the national Tournament pee wee Waterloo. The first teams have demonstrated their talent on Monday night, on the opening day of the tournament. The second part to be run writes a new page in the history of this tournament because, for the first time, hockey teams, school-level benjamin, came into play.

For this game the character special, the Titans of the Divine Word had the snowy owls of the Triplet of Sherbrooke. The Granbyens have won the game by a score of 3-2.

In the Titans, the young Antoine Fontaine has two goals to his name and Jean-Christophe Gem has moved the net in the second third.

The Titans have shown they are more unruly than their opponents, totaling 11 minutes of penalties against the two. Matthew Touchette has particularly borne the brunt of a five minutes for checking from behind. This indiscipline has, it seems, not had too much impact on the outcome of the game.

The guardians Alexis Vaillancourt, snowy owls, and William Turcot, of the Titans, were arrested respectively 16 and 10 shots.

Le scolaire fait son entrée au tournoi pee-wee de Waterloo

The Governors of level benjamin Massey-Vanier are coming to Waterloo after removing the honors of the Tournament pee-wee Ste-Foy/Sillery.


The Rockies of Bromont and the Phoenix of Sherbrooke, have them draw 3-3, later in the evening on Monday.

At the time of writing these lines, the Valois Acton Vale and the Maroons of Waterloo/Valcourt contended for their first match of the tournament.

The tournament continues Tuesday with several local teams who will compete for the honors.

The Governors were successful in Sainte-Foy

It is also as champions that the board of Governors of Massey-Vanier will make their entrance on the stage in Waterloo Wednesday night when they square off against the snowy owls. Players of Patrick Bergeron come from fly-over of the Tournament pee-wee Ste-Foy/Sillery, winning five games in which they took part.

In the same vein, the representatives of the Massey-Vanier, those of the juvenile level, took off the honors of the Tournament midget Drummondville. Like their little brothers, they brought back a record of five wins and no defeat.

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