February 1, 2023

The Serasa Limpa Nome 99% off deal ends today

And ends this Friday, 23, the deadline to take advantage of the concessional terms of debt repayment through The name is Adel Serasa Alnatheef🇧🇷 Over 7 million inches Debts Negotiated, with exclusive discounts for Brazilians who want to get out of the red in 2022. There are 267 partner companies offering discounts of up to 99%.

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According to Serrasa, more than 4 million Brazilians were able to settle their debts through the Great Exhibition, with a record number of negotiations. Choosing the main negotiation period now in December takes into account the possibility of paying off the debt using the thirteenth salary.

Sell ​​Sirasa

Debt negotiation can take place through the official channels of companies or also in person at the post office. With discounts Offered at Feirão Serasa Limpa Nome, many Brazilians with high debts, for example, R$15,000 on a card, got discounts and paid R$455.

It is a big difference, precisely to encourage the discharge of sums and to allow citizens to have a clean name again, without restriction, mainly relating to credit over debt.

There is a more practical way to trade on the Internet. Just download the Serasa app. Interested parties must register for a login and password.

When accessing the platform, all information related to the consumer’s financial life will be collected in one place. That is, by writing the CPF it will be possible to check what the debts are and the possibilities for negotiation.

In the “View Offers” option, the citizen can check the negotiation possibilities. Simply choose your desired payment method and complete the transaction by clicking on Close Deal.

According to Serasa, discounts of more than R$18 billion have been offered since the inception of Feirão, in November. The average debt of Brazilians in default is R$4,365.98.