The Sheffordois Émile Schneider will be in the spotlight

Le Sheffordois Émile Schneider sera sous les projecteurs

Decide on an artistic personality to be monitored in 2019 has not been an easy task. Several young actors from the region demonstrate promising young talent and will win certainly in visibility in the coming months. If The Voice has stopped his choice on Émile Schneider, this is simply because the number of projects confirmed are already listed on its agenda.

On the boards, the cinema and the small screen, “it’s going to do things, it’s going to be everywhere,” says his mother, the author, herbalist and poet Anny Schneider.

The young Sheffordois origin is revealed in the feature film where Atilla passes, which earned him a nomination in the category Best actor, male actor at the Gala in Quebec Cinema, but has received more attention since the success of the festivals has seen the film Kiss me like you love me, a role for which he was conferred the Award Roy-Dupuis Hopes of quebec cinema in 2017.

But until now, Émile Schneider has, admittedly, held far more projects ” general public “, except for a first role in the children’s and youth program of The Cottage, so it remains little-known Monsieur and Madame Tout-le-Monde.

Things, however, could well change as early as this year as it will take part in two miniseries, including the highly anticipated Invisible, which will take place in an agency of artists on the airwaves of VAT as of January 7. There will be a role for episodic, but in a leading role all the same, we confirmed his agency.

It will also be the distribution of The Monster, mini-radio-canada — in collaboration with Pixcom — adapted from the novel by Ingrid Cliff and directed by Patrice Sauvé (Victor Lessard). It may well be, it is said, make so much noise that unfortunate tendency to run away, this time tackling the sticky topic of domestic violence.

An actor versatile

We see also Émile Schneider through the lens of André Forcier, who did not hesitate to redo call to the young actor that he had directed in Kiss me like you love me, alongside Juliette Gosselin for his next film, the beauty of The world.

If he had got the role in the first through the audition process, he had a pass right to the second, admits the director. “I knew he was capable of, he is very versatile, it can adapt easily to different characters,” he says.

“This is a guy inventive, always questioning, who always tries to look for the layer of over to push his character to another level, which offer tips to do that. A bit like Roy Dupuis the fact, ” he says, glowing.

“His career seems to start on the hats of wheels, and I think that with his talent, he is going to stand out and go away “, he said again.

We see, moreover, the young actor on the stage of the Théâtre Denise-Pelletier in the skin of Neil Perry in the society of The dead poet, who had returned to the theatre last year in The Iliad.

Dad a little boy of a year, Émile Schneider will blow its 30th anniversary in 2019. And if there’s one thing that his mother wants him to be, it is to ” continue to shine and be able to demonstrate all of its registry “.

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