July 23, 2024

The Silvino Committee has six favorites in Copeña’s list to join the professional

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The Silvino Committee has six favorites in Copeña's list to join the professional
The Silvino Committee has six favorites in Copeña's list to join the professional

The Corinthians youth team is about to officially start the 2022 season. The professional team in turn has not appeared again (and will only do so on the 10th of this month). Behind the scenes though, some youngsters have already caught the attention of Sylvinho’s coaching staff.

the rudder He found that, during the last season, six athletes from the Alvenegra base were well noted by Sylvinho and his committee, who frequently requested materials on youth. It is located around Defender Lucas Pelesi, full-back Reginaldo, defensive midfielder Mandaka, midfielder Mateos Araujo and strikers Giovanni and Felipe Augusto.

The six youngsters are registered in the Kopenia dispute, which for Corinthians will begin on January 4, at 9:45 pm, when the team faces Resende. The following obligations are against River-PI and São José.

For some of these youngsters, joining Timão’s professional team would be nothing new. Therefore, the rudder A little reminiscent of the boys’ track in the Parque São Jorge team.

Just in time: Striker Kawi is also part of the group of youngsters who are closely watched by the Sylvinho committee, but he shouldn’t be playing for Coppinha. Even enrolled in the competition, the athlete Negotiations are underway with Lommel SK, from Belgium.


The defender was revealed in the main categories of Corinthians, and in 2019, he was promoted to the Under-17 team. After performing well, work on Sub-20 began in 2020.

In 2019, the young man participated in a friendly match between Timão against Botafogo-SP and became the youngest athlete to wear the Corinthians jersey among professionals.


The left-back arrived at Corinthians in October 2020 to defend the U-20s. Versatile, the athlete stood out in the youth categories and attracted attention throughout 2021.

If promoted to professional, Reginaldo could make his first match for Timão in this category. Despite this, he was already part of Sylvinho’s main team in some training sessions.


The defensive midfielder arrived at Corinthians in September 2020 and quickly rose to prominence in the youth categories. One of the highlights of the team, the youngster was also part of the first team.

Throughout 2021, he participated in three matches in Timão: victory over Novorizontino and defeats on Peñarol and Palmeiras.

Matthews Araujo

The young midfielder is one of the few who actually have a professional relationship with Corinthians. Recently renewed with Parque São Jorge Club until the end of 2024.

Featured in the youth teams, Mateos Araujo is one of Timão’s greatest gems and has already competed in a professional match. On this occasion, Corinthians beat Noverizentino 2-1.

Felipe Augusto

Philippi is one of the most considered names for a good future in Corinth. The youngster was promoted to the U-20 team in 2020 and alternated between this category and the Under-17s all season.

In early 2021, he was one of the names promoted to the first team, living in the same situation as Kawi. However, he only had four chances on the team.


The young striker is one of the newest names in the club, arriving at Timon in July 2021. Even with the passage of time, Giovanni was distinguished by the title of top scorer: 17 goals were scored in his 23 under-20 matches. He hasn’t had a chance in the first team yet.

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