March 22, 2023
The sister of her fiancé, suspected of murdering her, talks about the case

The sister of her fiancé, suspected of murdering her, talks about the case

Cassie, sister Brian Laundry, Orator Gabi Pettito NS suspected of killing herHe said he did not know if his parents were involved in his brother’s disappearance.

When confronted with a group of protesters outside her home, Cassie said she had not seen Brian since his disappearance and that she was cooperating with the law. Brian has been missing since September 14.

Someone asked her if she was with her brother on September 1st: “Yeah, he came to this house with my parents, in a Mustang, not the truck,” referring to Van Brian and Gabi who used to travel across the States.

Cassie added, “We are as frustrated and loved as anyone else. I am losing my father, my brother, my children’s aunt and my future brother-in-law and you are not helping.”

When citing the parents, another person asked why she had lost them. “They don’t talk to us,” he explained, noting that he didn’t know if they were involved in the disappearance and that he wanted answers like everyone else.

NS Gabi Pettito’s body has been found On September 19. Influencer and fiancé, Brian, was on a trip across the United States by Van. The family lost contact with their daughter at the end of August.

On September 1, Brian returned home without Gabe and gave no information about the bride, and began searching for her. Pettito’s fiancé disappeared on September 14, five days before the body was found.

Recently, a man claimed that I saw and talked to someone who thinks it’s Brian, on Appalachian Road, state in Tennessee, near the North Carolina border.