The skills are not the CV

Les compétences ne font pas le CV

Sixty seconds is the maximum time that spends almost a quarter of the recruiters to see a RESUME, according to a study from CareerBuilder. Because it is not easy to capture the attention of a manager in less than a minute, here are 4 techniques that will help you to achieve.

Make their RESUME a showcase mouth-watering

“It is the job seeker create the editorial line of his CV. He must know that in the orient the playing, rather than leaving the recruiter to interpret what he wants, ” says Matthieu Degenève. The founder of the site, the Eye of The recruiter offers his tips for properly showcase his skills in a CV.

When designing your CV, put yourself in the skin of a guide, who will lead the potential employer to the most relevant information.

“In Quebec, the recruiters will first have their eyes on the professional experience,” says Mr Degenève. A judicious use of fonts and bold fonts may attract the attention on what you want. “

Any job seeker should also keep in mind that a CV is a summary of his professional career, and not an encyclopedia exhaustive retracing his career. Don’t give the recruiter the impression that it launches in the reading of a pad condensed in posing the eyes on your RESUME. It must be digestible, well-ventilated and as short as possible.

“It is important to rework the CV several times to remove the superfluous words which only add to the text “, said Mr. Degenève.

The career objective

“It will appeal to the recruiter more easily on your short-term goals and will reassure your aspirations,” he adds.

An example : you were in the process of training in communication, but you are applying for a position in the field of sales. The employer may ask a few questions.

State a clear business purpose allows you to answer this kind of questions before they even germinate in the mind of the recruiter.

To find the right words

Most recruiters give more importance to a RESUME that has been customized according to the job offer published. Resume the terms of the offer will therefore increase your chances of being selected.

Try to evaluate the short-term needs of the business to choose the words corresponding to what the recruiter seeks in the immediate future. The purpose of a job seeker is to stand out from the other candidates. “However, some words have been so commonly used that they are now completely overused ; they no longer really makes sense for the recruiters,” observes Mr. Degenève who thinks of terms such as “communication” or ” sense of organization “.

According to the founder of the site, the Eye of The recruiter, it is therefore necessary to find a way to describe different skills. Why not speak to its ability to interact with multiple stakeholders rather than just the eternal “team spirit” ?

Describe his / her skills

To optimize your CV, Matthieu Degenève recommends :

  • Use the action verbs in the infinitive.
  • Focus of complete sentences (subject, verb, complement) which take a line or two.
  • Include the skills acquired at school or in volunteer activities.
  • Be limited to ten skills for RESUME!!!

“In case of doubt when writing the CV, you have to listen to rather than search for hours on Internet how to seduce an employer “, concludes Mr. Degenève.


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