February 6, 2023

The ‘smart’ toilet tests your urine and tells you how healthy you are

Withings specializes in the production of medical equipment. I recently announced a rather interesting new device. According to the information, there is a sensor capable of examining the urine of people in the toilet.

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The name of this little toilet sensor is U-Scan, or if you prefer, “Urine Scanner”. It has a compact size and can be attached to the vase without any problem. The appearance of the scanner in the images is very similar to an air freshener or disinfectant attached to the wall of the object.

What is the use of a urine sensor for a toilet bowl

As explained by the company, the probe is capable of performing “in vitro” analysis on urine while it is attached to the toilet. It is possible, in this way, to determine if there is any healthy change in the person who is using the bathroom at the moment. That is, to make a preliminary diagnosis, a person will no longer need to take a small vessel pee to the laboratory.

A urine reader is considered an individual and recognizes its owner

Another interesting fact is that the device can only be used by one person. This is because he is able to identify who owns it. This way, if someone else is using the toilet, a urine reading will not be taken.

The cartridges that distinguish between urine and other fluids are disposable, but can be used to perform 100 tests. The machine still has a pair of gloves accompanying it so that the cartridges can be changed.

What will be the use?

Initially, the U-Scan utility will be geared toward providing data about fertility and nutrition to the people who use it. The woman will know, for example, when she will be fertile.

Scanner results are sent to a file Implementation The number that must be available to the owner of the device.