July 22, 2024

The solar wind may reach Earth by Friday

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The solar wind may reach Earth by Friday
The solar wind may reach Earth by Friday

Scientists warn that solar winds of nearly 3 million kilometers per hour will reach Earth by Friday. The wind is caused by a giant “hole” in the surface of the sun. A few days ago, astronomers discovered a solar hole 30 times the size of Earth. They claim that when this first “hole” began to spin away from us, it gave way to another giant solar hole – about 18 to 20 times the diameter of Earth.

Coronal holes are responsible for shooting the solar wind into space; Radiation can seriously damage satellites and reveal gorgeous aurora borealis when it hits our planet. However, scientists have no concerns about potential damage to Earth’s infrastructure. Solar holes – coronal holes – are a fairly common phenomenon, but they usually appear in the polar regions of the Sun.

We are experiencing a period of intense solar activity – it happens every 11 years. Thus, these holes are most likely to be observed at the sun’s equator, according to Matthew Owens, professor of astrophysics at the University of Southern California. University of Reading, in England. said the world[o buraco solar] Being on the equator means that we are guaranteed to see some fast winds on Earth a few days after it rotates past the central meridian.

for the popular magazine from the insideDaniel Verscharen, Associate Professor of Space Physics and Climate University CollegeFrom London, he said: “I expect brisk winds from this coronal hole to come toward Earth Friday night into Saturday morning this week.”

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