The soloist of the famous group shared details about his illness

Соліст відомої групи поділився подробицями про свою хворобу

Sergei Zhukov broke the silence regarding his diagnosis.

In early August, the Network appeared information about the fact that the soloist of group “Hands Up!” is seriously ill. Then Sergei Zhukov for the first time in 20 years, canceled the concerts within the tour which began to spread rumors about serious and even fatal disease of the singer, reports the with reference to Viva.

Complicating the situation is the fact that the artist himself was not told about their disease. And only recently for the first time Sergey has shared, what was the reason for his urgent hospitalization.

“All prosaic. A simple thing has led to big consequences. Behind the scenes I hit a metal structure stomach. Then there was the bruise which ached more and more. When I went to the doctors, it turned out that everything went wrong. There is already formed hernia, it has grown into the entire abdomen. I was urgently admitted to the hospital for the first time in my life… the Doctors said that they don’t understand why it’s not healing”, – says Sergey.

“I was sick, I was depressed. At that moment it seemed to me that the energy of loved ones and fans will do more than medications. Before the third operation, I was called to pray. And it helped,” said Mr. Zhukov.


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