July 2, 2022
The son of Judah causes chaos and disgusts Tamar with sex.  Know why · TV news

The son of Judah causes chaos and disgusts Tamar with sex. Know why · TV news

After Tamar (Juliana Xavier) gets married, Ona (Cayo Vegati) will refuse to get pregnant in origin. The first child of the couple will be considered the heir to the dynasty of Er (Tiago Marques) and to avoid an embarrassing situation, the boy will not go with his wife in the biblical record of Record. He will throw his semen into the ground.

Bakr Judah (Tiago Rodriguez) abuses Juliana Xavier’s character since her wedding night. Tired of suffering in silence, The victim tells the father of the husband who was beaten Every time ER is tense.

brother possession Joseph Giuliano Laham will demand explanations from his son, who will reveal his true face and end up dying of suffocation. God will punish him (Flávio Galvão) for attacking the one chosen to continue the lineage that will reach Jesus (Dudu Azevedo). Tamar will be forced to marrying a brother-in-law to give you heirs.

In scenes that will aired next tuesday (2)Onan will use the method known as withdrawal and shock the woman. You’ll wonder, “Why would you do that? I’d never get pregnant like this.” With a sarcastic atmosphere, he was ignoring her doubts, and she was crying and humiliated.

When asked by Muriel (Rhaisa Batista) about her situation with her son, Tamar will say she is treated with affection, but that she will never be able to generate so many wishes for the family heir.

Intimacy exposed

a Raisa Batista’s character She will wait for her husband’s return to tell her everything she knows about the marriage of the youngest to the daughter of Shamash (an undisclosed actor). “That’s not what you’re thinking. Sit down. I want to talk to you,” the brunette will say.

Judas will soon think that domestic violence is repeating itself, but will be even more shocked to discover that his son interrupted him.

“It is just that when they are together, Tamar said that Onan does not go with her all the way … he throws his seed into the ground, and it can only be so that she does not carry it,” will tell Morel, who will say that he does not want to give offspring to his brother .

Genesis is a free modification of the first book of the Bible. The series is divided into seven stagesAnd, currently, it displays the seventh record: José do Império. In addition to spoilers, the the news Spread Synopsis of the biblical novel.

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