March 30, 2023

The son of the ex-couple breathes against the mother

Dom, 10, one of the children of Pedro Scobie and Luana Piovanni, shared his conversation with Comment on the quarrel of the ex-spouses on social networks. Surfer and ExBBB Yesterday confirmed that She sued the actress.

He slammed baby Piovanni on his Instagram stories. “I’ve come to say something important. Mom, there’s no point in pulling out my father’s sponsors because some people may be on your side, but your kids aren’t. Because we don’t accept lies.”

Dom concluded, “Please help my father, who would have taken care of me as well. So help my father, I know God will help me. Thank you.”

Discussions between Piovani and Scooby have been going on online since Decemberwhen the actress complained after a surfer gave free internet access to children after giving them cell phones at Christmas.

understand the discussion

  • Piovanni accused her ex-husband of not wanting to pay child support that have been agreed upon between them. On January 2, the actress said via Instagram, the surfer was warned at the last minute that he would not deposit 50% of the monthly amount.
  • According to the actress, it was not possible to pay for the property in Portugal, to pay for the maids who look after the heirs while she works, nor the chauffeur who takes Dom to skateboard, a “demand” of the surfer himself.
  • Luana Piovanni also accuses her ex-husband of wanting to take custody of the children. The actress said that her ex-husband intends to hire a lawyer in Portugal, and stressed that if he does so, he must obtain custody of the heirs, because Portuguese justice would be misogynistic.
  • Piovanni shared a series of prints of a conversation with a surfer. In an exchange of letters, the former spouses talk about their children. The artist asks: “I want to know when the rest of the money comes from the children’s accounts?”
  • The surfer asked if he could call the famous girl, and she denied: “I no longer have any nice talk with you. Your poster is done, your little party. Now it’s all written and everyone will know what you are and what you do and allow, how miserable and ungrateful you are.”

the operation

On social media, Piovanni said Pedro Scobie sued her after the actress publicly stated the surfer had not paid the agreed amount of child support.

  • “I got here at the beginning of the week, and there was a lawsuit. That is, Pedro opened a lawsuit against me and scheduled a hearing for next week. He’s trying to shut me up,” said Piovanni.
  • And he adds, “And I get that, because his movie burns so much every time I come to tell him about the mistakes he’s making, but it works, and that’s why I do it.”
  • Piovanni claims Scobbie will have an advantage opening the event in Portugalthe country in which she lives with her children.
  • The actress has opened up about the alleged nude photos added to the process. “It distorts my hearing, excludes me as a woman and as a mother. I kept looking at the operation, there are many audio recordings of me with Dom, he really dug in, he did everything carefully. There are pictures of me naked in the middle of the operation. I was fascinated, I didn’t understand what my pictures had to do with reality He wanted me to shut up.”
  • The actress also accused Scobie of ingratitude. “Man, I met this guy, I took him to the dentist. I met him in flip flops in the cabin and it was me who introduced him to the cabin owner. I introduced Louis Melody, Lenin, Seo George… I made him up and he came to take that daddy wave?”.
  • Scobie said he took the step to “keep his kids exposed.” Online. In a note, the athlete reports that the topic can no longer be discussed on social networks.
  • However, Pedro Scobie did not explain why nude photos of his ex-wife were attached to the process, as she revealed to the public in a cathartic video. He also did not say if he was interested in fighting for child custody.