July 18, 2024

The SpaceX spacecraft explodes during the first flight

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The SpaceX spacecraft explodes during the first flight
The SpaceX spacecraft explodes during the first flight

In an effort to get ahead in the space race, SpaceX launched the Starship last Thursday (20). Despite efforts, the ship failed to reach its full destination. This is because after taking off from the SpaceX base, the ship was unable to separate from the first stage and exploded.

The launch took place around 10:33 am (Brasilia time), and during the transmission it was already noticeable that the spacecraft was in trouble. Despite this, SpaceX owner Elon Musk considered the test a success.

Check out the exact moment the spacecraft exploded in the video below:

The spacecraft exploded about 3 minutes and 59 seconds after launch. It remains unclear whether it was due to some failure or if the company itself decided to remotely destroy the spacecraft.

The Starship was not carrying any kind of cargo or people on board. The goal was to launch the missile for the first time Falcon Heavythe largest and most powerful rocket in history, fully integrated with the spacecraft.

The prediction was that the spacecraft would rise, orbit the planet, and then land near Hawaii. However, approximately 33 of the Falcon Heavy’s boosters did not light up during flight.

Furthermore, the craft appeared to ascend at a greater angle and at a slower speed than expected.

Elon Musk considers the Starship test a success

Although it seems like everything went wrong, Elon Musk considers the test a success and thanks the team that worked to make it happen. The CEO of SpaceX has already promised that in a few months they will relaunch. Check out an excerpt from the official statement:

“Success comes from what we learn, and today’s testing will help us improve Starship reliability as SpaceX strives to bring life to multiplanetary.”

So now is the time to wait for Musk and the SpaceX team to come up with a new Starship launch date and present their future plans.

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