The SPGQ rebels the dismissal of a whistleblower

Le SPGQ s’insurge du congédiement d’un lanceur d’alerte

A trade union is concerned about “deeply” for the termination by the minister of Agriculture, André Lamontagne, an official who alerted the population about the use of pesticides.

According to the Syndicat des professionnels du government du Quebec (SPGQ), it is of the “never seen”, and in addition to that, Mr. Lamontagne has messed up his member on the public square.

Remember the facts : the agronomist Louis Robert, an expert in the grain industry, had condemned the interference of the private in the public research on the use of pesticides.

On January 24, he was fired for having transmitted a confidential document to a reporter, as well as for having breached the bonds of discretion.

Wednesday morning, Mr. Lamontagne was said to be “very comfortable” with his decision. A law is supposed to protect the so-called “whistleblowers” in Quebec, but the minister has stated that there are other factors involved, without specifying.

“There are a set of factors that are not necessarily all known. I can’t tell you more, because it is a personnel file.”

The act provides that a person may choose to disclose the information to his or her ministry, or even to communicate a body of police or the Commissioner of the fight against corruption.

“Deeply concerned”about

In an interview with The canadian Press on Wednesday, president of the SPGQ, Richard Perron, was outraged and “deeply worried”.

He says he has never seen a case of a dismissal, direct a minister to a public servant who is five levels lower than him.

“Why is he involved? It is strange,” said Mr. Perron.

According to him, in this public health issue where there are big financial interests, the minister puts himself on the side of those who produce potentially harmful pesticides.

In addition, the minister insinuates that there is something else and messes so the member of the SPGQ, has supported Mr. Perron.

In response, the union has sent the letter, which based the dismissal on two grounds. The correspondence also speaks of “previous measures” for the folder, such as “inappropriate behaviour”.

Mr. Perron provides that the union will defend Mr. Robert “to the end”. The SPGQ defend also two other employees who were handed suspensions in connection with that case.

In a press briefing Wednesday morning before heading to the meeting of the caucus of his party in Gatineau, André Lamontagne said to have been informed of the situation upon his arrival at the head of the department.

He said not to have been a party, but have asked for and then deciding.

“This is my decision, so I’m very comfortable with my decision,”-he said.

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