August 15, 2022
The stadium in Betim: Cruzeiro prefers dates over other events |  Sea trip

The stadium in Betim: Cruzeiro prefers dates over other events | Sea trip

If you choose to sign an agreement to work on the stadium designed to be built in Betim, the Sea trip He has a promise that he will have the advantage of holding his games at the expense of other events in the multipurpose arena

Currently, due to the lack of an annual agreement with Mineirao, for example, the Minas Gerais club is subject to the inability to play on the field. By the end of the year, it was Sea trip He must not be able to play in up to six matches at Mineirao.

It will be priority Sea trip. He will choose dates for the development of sports activities. For the stadium to be sustainable, the stadium also needs cultural and artistic events. Since then, fans will have no problem with Sea trip Throw It Away – Guaranteed Municipal Secretary for Regional Planning and Housing, Marco Tulio Freitas, in an interview with Globo.

Land in Betim where the stadium will be built – Photo: Globo

Brasiliao Premier Banner – Photo: Reproduction

Currently, Betim and Sea trip With a letter of intent to be signed by the parties. a Sea trip He has until the end of August (60 days) to appear.

According to the city council, the city’s municipal administration will be fully responsible for enabling the construction of the multi-purpose plaza, which includes the licensing of 97,261 thousand square land and also the necessary interventions in the perimeter of the site.

The company that will be responsible for the construction will also be responsible for performing maintenance on site, according to the LOI. The cost of the work is estimated at 450 million Brazilian riyals without Sea trip Need to invest out of pocket.

– The letter of intent was delivered shortly after the meeting. Lowered in terms of numbers released by Sea trip. It will be a stadium with a capacity of 46,000 people Sea trip Obtaining 70-80% of the arena’s net revenue, Betim municipality assumes all approvals and licenses. a Sea trip Not going to spend any. a Sea trip The secretary said: They will enter with a big name, and they will receive income from commercial exploitation and from entering the stadium.

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At the same time that it has the possibility of closing with Betim, the Sea trip He is in the process of signing an agreement with Minerao for the Games until the end of this year, thus blocking the dates he needs to play on the field. Despite this, he will not be able to play matches on six dates for other pre-scheduled events.

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5-Star Partner – Cruzeiro – Photo: Publicity