The starlings have taken over their aerial acrobatics

Full airLes clouds visible now reach up to 100’000 individuals. The animation sound and the transit collective are spectacular.

Les étourneaux ont repris leurs acrobaties aériennes

Starlings form in the sky as the geneva of the clouds impressive.

They are back and the calls come from all over to signal the resumption of their meeting air between the city and the countryside. They still seem to be more numerous than last year at this time. Ornithology popular launches the rumor: in number and in vigor, starlings look more and more like a species of proliferating and, frankly, invasive.

They are there, in the sky, varying their acrobatics in the morning, before the repeat in the evening. Clouds impressive, with tens of thousands of specimens flying together, without rubbing the wings, without banging the sides. It is gregarious, the european, but with a collective intelligence greater.

The winter with us

There is since some time a sedentarisation of small groups who choose to spend the winter with us, between the cantons of Vaud and Valais in particular, the fields of that side being rich in “rab” winter food than ours on the territory of geneva.

We must, of course, Patrick Jacot, the director of the Centre ornithologique de Genthod, the observation of these new behaviors. He adds that the instinct of migration has not disappeared. “By the end of October, their massive presence in the sky will have disappeared,” he stressed. They will unite to move to the south, until people gathered, including the passage in compact training may obscure towns in the middle of the day as has already been observed above Rome, for example.”

Taste of travel

In less than a week, they will be in Spain or in Sicily, some pushing, by a taste for travel, even in the countries of the Maghreb. Their stopovers leave traces. The services of the town hall as we say in France are hard-pressed, the local roads are about to have to clean this “gregariousness” messy and disciplined into the mound.

In Geneva, at the centre of the city, the dung massive brand already colonized trees for the night. Deciduous trees are preferred. The plane-tree, and poplar, in the adult version, him serve as a youth hostel. The dorm common is available on the scaffold branches, from the top down, the leaves change color in view, turning from green to white before the night.

In accelerated mode

It is that the starling arrives from the vineyard. It is fed with the last of the grapes which macéraient. Sound transit is like ours: accelerated. In the cemetery of the Kings, the dead famous are on to something. It snow every night on their graves for several days. “Attention to the slides in the aisles,” says the connoisseur Patrick Jacot. Flush with the floor, the dung forms a small film that makes ice-skating rink once the rain gets in the way. This chemistry phono-absorbent is not for tomorrow.

The kings of the imitation

But the volume of the sound, to him, is widely perceptible to the ear. Nocturnal disturbances, always among the dead, who don’t call the police. Choir even more deafening on the place of the Alps, behind the Brunswick monument and in the surroundings of the bus station. Our bird has taken singing lessons and knows how to move up in the treble.

Very in voice, males are also gifted for the imitation. In their book, they integrate readily with the street noises, the honking horns of cars and the bells of bicycles, two more pair acoustics in Geneva. Our plagiarist has a good reason to go spend the winter elsewhere. One would be almost tempted to join him.

The best spots urban to observe the starlings

At the end of the day, hitting from 18: 30, rarely earlier, they are back in the city centre. A good place to host our trikes adults is to position the head in the air, on the pont des Bergues, to the height of the path leading to the Island of Rousseau. They arise above Bel-Air, and returning, by successive waves, of their day in the countryside.

The highest plane tree, planted right next to the statue of the writer, which gives its name to the selected address, is quickly colonized by starlings in a hurry to go to bed. The tree features an artificial lighting – spotlights surround the trunk – which allows us to better observe the animation of this aviary giant open pit.

For a good hour, it’s a real tree to palaver, which gains in intensity as the darkness settles in. Starlings are among them, this plane is their own and most of all that of the pigeons, dislodged unceremoniously. The european creates the excess and the emptiness around him.

To reach the place of the Alps – second spot recommended in the sector – it is advisable to cross the square of the same name. This inner courtyard bounded by buildings at right angles serves as a resonance chamber or recording studio, depending on the hardware capture board. Six trees at least are requisitioned. Thousands of squatters. They sing. Shared Partition, that is comparable in noise output to that of a choir army. It is necessary to raise your voice to be understood of his neighbour on the bench.

Standing finally in the perimeter of the Brunswick monument, you can witness the arrival of the latecomers. Training reduced, flying from one tree to another, looking for a branch available. The curfew falls later in the evening. There are facilitators in the dormitories.

And in the morning? From 6: 30 a.m., there was a resumption of activity. The flight general hold on the light of day. Witnesses walking around the perimeter of the station have seen this week, between 7.30 am and 7.45 am, a cloud interminable walk up rue de Lyon. Later in the day, it is worth to join them in the Decree, by posting for example on the hills of Chouilly. Airshow standing on the vineyard. Free and silent. A breath, and that is all. The sun is setting, just sublime.


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