The Swallows are needed to Joliette

Les Hirondelles s’imposent à Joliette

Athletes in gymnastics club Swallows of Granby were imposed on the occasion of a major competition held in Joliette, in the Lanaudière region.

It is as well as Amy Mitchell, Mathilde Sylvestre, Mély-Anne Brien, Rosalie Cossette and Marie Pigeon Laprés have all won gold in the total of devices while Eloise St-Pierre, Emma Lanctot, Eva Freland, Jade Charbonneau and Charlotte Conk have all deserved the money, always the total of devices.

Marilou Viscoglisoi, Marion Langlois and Arielle Huni were not in rest, they that have removed the bronze, still and always the total of devices.

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