September 21, 2023
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The teacher was expelled after an exciting video spread between parents and students

One mother felt uncomfortable about the shooting and decided to complain about the contents of the teacher who defended herself

Language and literature teacher rosa, 23 years old, fired after a Video Her exciter spread among students and their parents in the city of Novosibirsk.

She was kicked out after a student’s mother watched the videos – # 8211;  Photo: Internet / Disclosure / NDShe was fired after the mother of one of the students watched the videos – Photo: Internet / Disclosure / ND

Viktoria Kashirina posted a video on the Internet showing the moment she gets home, takes off her clothes and puts on her underwear in “provocative” poses.

The problem started when the mother of one of her students, ages 11 to 12, saw the photos and lodged a complaint with her teacher.

The mother said: “Please don’t post these scandalous videos, or shut down (the social network), my daughter is watching and you obviously get raving, but not as a teacher.”

She told the mother that she would ban the student and that the mother should take more care of her daughter’s surfing the Internet.

She defends herself, saying that the video was a private activity unrelated to her teaching role. The case didn’t stop there and she ended up with the school board deciding to fire her for compromising the school’s current “morals”.

“You created a storm and we need to respond. I have two children and I understand how these parents are feeling,” said the principal.