February 2, 2023

The team justifies Key Alves’ speeches about Bruna Griphao

Team Elvis key He issued a statement on Instagram justifying sister V’s lines BBB 23 (Globe).

Statement. with video clips Griffin At Big Brother Brasil 23, they wrote in the post’s caption: “We believe that the game encourages competition among the participants and that competition within this scenario is valid and required.”

Since the BBB started, we’ve seen a declared rivalry between competitors Bruna Grippo And Key Alves and being on opposite sides of the game isn’t a problem. However, we have seen only a biased and negative movement on the part of Key and we cannot tolerate offering only one version because, analyzing both sides, interpretations can change.

who started? They even mention it in the post Bruna started teasing Ki In the first immunity test, Rick and Fred win it. “In addition to the relationship with Key, Bruna also showed aggressive and selfish behavior with her ally in the game and in leadership, however, the news proving these facts did not appear as often in the media as the one referring to Key.”

See the full statement:

Bruna’s team also took a stand. “Since the beginning of the game, we have been watching and paying attention to the attitudes of participants Ke Alves about Bruna Griffaue. Rivalry is part of the program and here we agree it goes to the point where lines start to be disrespectful towards each other.”

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