The temple at the foot of the slopes

Valaire au pied des pentes

Even if it’s cold, Saturday night, the crowd at The Nuit blanche of Bromont, the mountain of experiences cannot freeze. The group Valaire promises to warm it up.

This is not for nothing that the ski resort has appealed to the popular training quebec for this event that she describes as ” the biggest outdoor show of the season “. She knows very well that to set the mood, Valaire does not give his or her place.

“This is by far our biggest production of the year,” said the director of communications and marketing at Bromont, the mountain of experience, Marc-André Meunier. The temple has a habit of doing outdoor shows and it caters to a large audience. If people do not move on their music, they will not move ever ! “Between 6000 and 7000 people are expected to attend.

“It is true that there is a party band that often has the mandate to make up the feast,” remarked one of the members of the Temple, Louis-Pierre Phaneuf, best known to fans under the nickname Luis Clavis. We are lucky enough to have an instrumentation that allows us to play everything, then everything in the world. It is hard for someone to snober this show. “

With their side-project, Quality Motel, that has occupied these last few months, the five musicians have devoted less time to their primary group. This will be an opportunity for them to return to their repertoire “valairois” the time of the evening.

“A long time ago that we made a spectacle of the Temple, then it is exciting. And Bromont, it’s like our little hometown. It remembers all the nights of skiing, if there is a past… and a few shows , “adds the musician, whose training has seen the light of day in Sherbrooke in 2004.

At the time, the guys were calling Misteur Valaire, until they decide to drop the Misteur in 2016.

Detail notable, the five members are still together after all these years. “Not only is it rare to have a band that has endured and is still viable in Quebec, but it is rare to have a band that has always his gang of origin,” acknowledged the young man.

But the quintet might be knitted tight, it does not prevent him from enriching the talent of other artists on occasion.

For his latest album, Oobopopop, released in 2016, the Temple has appealed to the legend funk Alan Prater. The good news, announces Luis Clavis, is that Prater in person to get on the stage with them on Saturday.

In the first part, all this beautiful world will be preceded by the group of Clay & Friends, known for its mixture of ” hip-hop, soul, funk, jazz and reggae “.

Space heaters and good coats

Because a man forewarned is worth two, The Voice of the East had first checked the weather forecast for Saturday night. It was so cloudy weather and temperatures close to -11 degrees Celsius… the snow could also invite. The acceptable terms for a show in the mountains ? “That should do it. As long as there is in the world, it is our happiness, says Luis. And as long as there are small heaters to warm up the brass. “

Because it does not address an outdoor show, winter in addition, as a benefit room. “Everything that is electronic is usually the kick, but the guitars, bass and brass section, among others, are really more hard to play. “

As for the members of the troupe, it’s all a question of clothing (warm coats !) and attitude. “We, we try to minder. This is not necessarily obvious, but once on the scene, it’s a tent all the time, ” says Luis.

We know that the show will last at least an hour, but Luis was not able to say much more. “Normally, we give a show complete. But no matter what happens, it gives a good overview of the tour of our last album. “

And what about the next ? “The temple made a gradual return. We meet just today to plan the next few months. Yes, a return to the studio is planned. Can also be shows in France and in West Africa… “

But before all these adventures overseas, it is first in the cold bromontoise that they will occur. The show will take place this Saturday, February 2, at the foot of the Slope to the village. Clay & Friends, celebrated on stage at 20: 15, followed by the Temple 21 h.

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