March 29, 2023

The test confirms that the legs on the refrigerator belong to a truncated model

DNA tests confirmed this Human legs were found inside the refrigerator and a skull removed from a container At home in Hong Kong It belongs to model Abby ChoiAccording to a local police report carried by the New York Post.

The 28-year-old model and the influencer’s cropped parts were spotted in a house in Lung Mei Tsuen village that was Rented by Abby’s ex-father-in-lawa person familiar with the matter told the South China Morning Post. Police also confiscated a meat grinder, electric saw and knives from the property.

The large hole in the back of the skull is where a married woman with four children (between the ages of 3 and 10) was injured last month during the deadly attack, which allegedly took place in financial disputeAccording to the authorities.

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Refrigerator where Abby Choi’s legs were found

The search for Choi’s torso and hands continues After more than 100 police officers searched a dump but were unable to locate them.

These gruesome revelations come when the seventh person – an unidentified 29-year-old woman – is arrested in connection with Choi’s brutal murder and dismemberment.

I gave Abby K Missing on February 21stWhen I was about to pick up my daughter from school. The second husband of the model, from whom she had two children, was alarmed. Less than a week before her shocking death, the model shared her cover photo for luxury fashion magazine L’Officiel Monaco, writing in the caption: My journey as a style icon continues..

The family of Tam Chuk Kwan, Abe’s second husband, owns a chain of noodle shops in Hong Kong and China.

Abby Choi
Photo of Abby Choi: Playback / Instagram

Photo: playback / Instagram

Abby, her second husband, and their four children
Abby, her second husband, and their four children. Photo: Giving birth

a The arrest of the ex-husbandAlex Kwong, 28, his brotherAnthony Kwong, 31 years old, and their fatherKwong Kau, 65 years old accused of murder. actually their motherJenny Lee, 63, was charged Obstruction of justice to destroy evidence. The four were taken into custody.

Alex Kwong, Abby's ex-husband, is arrested and charged with first degree murder
Alex Kwong, Abby’s ex-husband, is arrested and charged with first degree murder.

ArgentinaA mother of twins resorts to the police to take fingerprints and separate the children, but she is the target of criticism.

The fifth suspect, aged 47, has been identified as A.J Cow lover Identified only by her surname Ng, she was also arrested. She would have helped Abe’s ex-father-in-law hide from the police in a luxurious apartment she had rented, and she would have probably contributed to the rental of the property where Abe’s remains were found. Ng was released after posting bail. A 41-year-old man was also arrested during the investigation.