September 24, 2022
The tilt has already been tested!  Watch the video with our first impressions

The tilt has already been tested! Watch the video with our first impressions

Goodbye, giant slit on Iphone At least, in the new, more advanced (and more expensive) iPhone 14 Pro line from Apple. The company’s new generation of smartphones officially appeared on Wednesday (7).

There are four new phones: iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, with prices ranging from R$ 7,599 to R$ 15,499. Once the event broadcast liveWe’re done, we were able to spend a few minutes fiddling with the new cell phone And hear more detailed explanations from Apple employees.

The remaining impressions are:

  1. It’s been another year where iPhone changes have taken place more inside the phone than outside. With the 14 and 14 Plus, it was the feeling of holding them in your hand “I’ve seen this before.”
  2. The notch at the top of the screen has finally been replaced after years of complaints from some consumers. And not only did he get smaller. that it smart score which changes volume according to certain activations. The iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max were chosen for the novelty.
  3. New systems from Accident and Emergency Detection SOS It looks promising, but it will be difficult to test in practice.

In the United States, presale of the devices begins on Friday (9). There is no exact date for the releases to arrive in Brazil.

iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus: The simplest

The difference between the two is basically the screen size. The smallest is 6.1 inches and the largest is 6.7 inches. The novelty is that it is OLED, it has brighter and brighter colors.

Both run on the 2021 processor: A15 BionicIt was launched with the iPhone 13 line. Unlike previous years, Apple decided not to use the most advanced processor in all mobile phones of the same family. The company did not give further details but said it was a strategic decision.

On the outside, there are no major changes. We can say that both are minor updates to the iPhone 13 lineup. They are very similar to the 2021 lineup in the design and placement of the dual camera array.


Speaking of lenses, the main lens remains 12MP, but the sensor can capture up to 50% more light than the iPhone 13 – that means more image detail is captured, reduced noise risks and increased stabilization.

The front camera has also received updates. Apple promises that it performs best in low-light environments. It also has autofocus for the first time.

In the video part, the iPhone 14 has better stabilization to assist when recording moving images, thus reducing the risk of scene shake. When the Active Mode option is activated, the video makes adjustments so that movements and vibrations do not interfere with the recordings.

The line will be sold in five colors: black, silver, blue, purple and red, with traditional 128GB, 256GB and 512GB storage.

If we look closely, the red iPhone is the most eye-catching. The most discreet are silver and purple (very light).

iPhone 14 colors

Photo: reproduction

The colorful selection gives a more fun look to the models.

iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max: the end of the giant notch

In place of the rectangular frame, Apple has developed a pill-shaped and perforated shape to house the camera’s selfie and camera technologies. face recognition. She calls it a dynamic island. Perhaps the most significant change.

The interesting thing here is that this structure changes in size – grows and contracts – as certain activations in prison cellas information from a Song Ringing on the phone, video calls, notifications, and more. This is possible with the help of the program.

For example: When you swipe your finger on the tone while playing a song, the phone will display a small album art in that space with the numeric buttons to advance, pause, or rewind the song.

Apple’s way of solving the fork in the side of the giant notch seemed clever. It’s not the output many would like – like a screen without any kind of notch or aperture – but it looked like a very high-tech, visually appealing and something competitors don’t have. The company managed to make this structure visible.


The screens are 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches. Modernity is the permanent state. Even with the phone locked, it is possible to view information such as the time and key notifications.


The models processor is the A16 Bionic, which is currently the most advanced. Processor-intensive uses, such as editing 4K footage, will be possible on the new models.


Apple has also integrated an improved image stabilization system here. For the first time, the main lens records 48-megapixel photos. Until then, the company worked with 12 MP.

This new camera combines four pixels into one. Thus, photos taken in low-light places are of higher quality. Remember that 48MP photos are giant photos. You can still take 12MP photos.

The kit also contains a telephoto lens with a 2x magnification quality, according to the company.


With a more elegant look, the models are sold in black, silver, gold and purple.

iPhone 14 now detects car accidents

The four versions contain a new feature to detect car accidents and an automatic call to emergency services. After the new degree, there was news that caught the eye.

This works with the help GPSwhich can detect changes in speed and a microphone that can detect automatic noises – such as percussion.

If the iPhone identifies an event, a message will appear on the cell phone screen that says: If the person does not respond, the phone will call emergency service.

Still on the safe side, Apple also announced its Emergency SOS, which connects a cell phone to satellites.

The new iPhone 14 devices have satellite communication for emergency - on - on

The new iPhone 14 devices have satellite connectivity for emergencies

Photo: reproduction

Basically, in case of need, it will be possible to ask for help via messages even in places where there is no cell phone coverage or fixed Internet. Once connected, you can submit basic information, such as reporting the occurrence and location.

For now, it will only be available in the US and Canada. The service will be free for two years.

It’s not something we’ll be able to test anytime soon. But, if the theory works in practice, these features can become good attractions for those who have money and want to invest in high-tech mobile phones.

Dynamic Island lets you interact with the selfie camera area of ​​iPhones 14 Pro - Playback - Playback

Dynamic Island lets you interact with the iPhone 14 Pro’s selfie camera area

Photo: reproduction

Where is the chip?

in the United States of America Iphone Only the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus will be sold with the internal digital chip technology, the eSIM. In other words, nothing physical.

In Brazil and other markets, releases should continue with the chip case.

* The journalist traveled at the invitation of Apple; With additional reporting by Guilherme Tagiarroli and Marcella Duarte in São Paulo.