The tool chest of Yan Pellerin is full

Le coffre à outils de Yan Pellerin est plein

Yan Pellerin was made to swing the needle of the balance 188,6 books, noon Friday, at the weigh-in before the fight that he will deliver against Alberta’s Justin Schmit Saturday afternoon at the Cabaret du Casino de Montreal.

“The training went well, the weight cut has been easy and I am ready, launched the Granbyen, which shows a record of four victories and one defeat. This is my first fight of six rounds and it has established a strategy in function of the six rounds. The tool chest is full, I can tell you. “

Schmit has a record of two wins and three defeats in boxing, he who comes also from the mixed martial arts. We are talking about a boxer that gives a lot of hits, it seems.

Not that it doesn’t take Schmitt seriously, but He already has plans for the future.

“If things are going well in my first two or three bouts of six rounds, we might begin to think quietly to the division of 175 pounds and… the canadian championship. We will see. But we will start with the fight at the end of the week. “

Pellerin argues, finally, that it worked differently this time to the workout. For his sixth fight of boxing, it is beginning to look like a real boxer and less of a defector of mixed martial arts.

“I want people to see the evolution,” he says.

A first for Alex Beaulé

Granbyen adoption and a great friend of Yan Pellerin, Alex Beaulé will deliver her first boxing match on Saturday after being beaten five times in mixed martial arts. He has an appointment with Zack Manywounds, another Albertan, also in the category of light-heavyweight.

The welterweight David Théroux, from Sorel-Tracy, and Jose Alfaro, Nicaragua, will compete in the final of the gala, presented by Groupe Yvon Michel.

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