The Tournament bantam in good hands

Danny Gélinas
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Le Tournoi bantam entre bonnes mains

In my early days as a scout — like many in the QMJHL, I had as primary function to follow the activities of the Ligue de hockey midget AAA du Québec, nursery providing the different courses of the major junior. In addition to this, it also asked me to pay attention to the hockey players in bantam league, and this, until the class midget hope to be created (that is to say, according to the report Boucher, who suggested to change the players 15 years ago, the left-to-account of the midget AAA, in a provincial league of thirty teams, at least, to its origin).

The teams could then draft these players only during the first five rounds of the session selection, which takes place every first Saturday of June.

Because of this, what we was it to do an hour and a half drive to go take a look, for example, Kingsey Falls, on the player Samuel St-Pierre des Cascades des Bois-Francs, if you could see it evolve in a tournament at the same time that several other hopes ?

Among the major tournaments of category bantam, which was kind of our “run in ” of the milk, there were those of L’ancienne-Lorette, Trois-Rivières, Thetford Mines, Saint-Eustache, and, of course, the favorite of all, of Granby ! History of remind me of good memories, and for the purposes of this column, I went to do a small tour, a few days ago, at the press conference announcing the launch of the 49th Tournament, in full swing until tomorrow at the centre sportif Léonard-Grondin. If my young colleague, Michael Lambert has already done a very good record inside these pages, for my part, I took the opportunity to conduct excellent meetings. Here are echoes.

First of all, note that the venerable Gift Plamondon, the master of ceremony Pierre Croteau (it is everywhere that one !) and all the army of volunteers present were the hosts best. It has been the same for the owner of the restaurant St-Hubert in Granby, Donald Trudeau, and his entire team. A thousand thanks for the lovely evening !


A few minutes later, in the ads section of the restaurant, my good friend Croteau presented to me the very friendly Yannick Parent who, after having been the chief instructor of the Warriors baseball junior élite, has demonstrated that it was a guys team and abandoning the humble his position to serve the one who will fill in the person of Denis Lamontagne. Lamontagne, it is known, in particular, wore the colours of the Beaver Acton Vale in senior baseball. Over the course of my conversation with him by whom I appreciated the company, he told me that his team saw the next season with great optimism, she had finally won a first round playoff after a famine of eight campaigns.

I promise myself to attend a few of their games this summer. And, between you and me, what could be better than to witness a good game of baseball in the open air in a beautiful evening sun with the hand, a nice cold beer and a bag of peanuts in shells on the knees ?


I also had the chance to talk with the great manitou of the tournament, “the honourable” Norman Side. The more the interview progressed, the more I felt feverish with the approach of the 49th tournament including the official game took place on Thursday of last week. Normal, because when you account for all the hours that he and his team have had to put in order to present a tournament of high quality, we can’t wait to see what it will return. For my part, I was impatient to ask him a question for a long time to find out the reason why the school hockey was absent from the part of ” his ” tournament. And the response of the man for whom I have enormous esteem was not made to wait.

“If there is no class school in the tournament, this is not our fault, because we have for the past three years ! The problem is that our sign-up ends in the month of August or at the latest, in September. In short, there is simply not enough clubs in this class register. For example, last fall, there were only three schools that were listed. Obviously, we cannot open a class for only three teams. It goes without saying. “

“However,” he continued, ” next year, for our 50th anniversary, I do not hide that I would like to see a hockey school in the tournament. “

For my part, after hearing his response, I have done neither one nor two, and I relayed the emails of two members of the board of directors of the hockey League preparatory school. This should make it easier for him in the recruiting…

Gentlemen of the school hockey, the ball is now in your camp !


I had just complete my conversation with Norman when I saw the councillor Stéphane Giard, who oversees the various folders to sporting vocation for the City of Granby. I’ve known Stéphane there are more than 25 years, while he was with the Draveurs of Trois-Rivières. De fil en aiguille, I mentioned that despite the fact that several rumors lead to either of the hockey LNAH in Granby, or speak of the removal of the Maroons of Waterloo at the centre sportif Léonard-Grondin, no training — not even the Inouk junior AAA ! — had confirmed his intentions to the City for the season 2019-2020. A folder to follow, it goes without saying…

But I understand the reason for which the Maroons have been slow to reach agreement with the City of Waterloo. Hockey League senior AAA is preparing to take an enormous amount of expansion under the presidency of Michel Dorais and the City would have any advantage to keep a franchise within this circuit. Also, during a next edition, you will read my interview with the president Dorais, especially on this topic.

Le Tournoi bantam entre bonnes mains

Bruno Vary and Jean Moreau m105, accompanied by Hugues Côté, general manager sales at Kia de Granby and Cowansville, Mitsubishi Granby and Occasion Beaucage



This evening marking the launch of the Tournament bantam de Granby allowed me to reconnect with a former team-mates Stéphane Giard in Draveurs de Trois-Rivières, in the event the Granbyen Steve Searles. In time, Searles was one of the favorite of the crowd) because of his ardor. For instance, the friend Steve was accompanied by Michel Pruneau. What memories we remémorés !

If I spent a beautiful evening, in addition to the meetings mentioned above, this is due to the presence at my table of Bruno Vary and Jean Moreau m105, as well as Hugues Côté, general manager sales at Kia de Granby and Cowansville, Mitsubishi Granby and Occasion Beaucage. Three true gentlemen !

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