December 1, 2023
Toyota bZ4x elétricos

The Toyota bZ4X Tram will be launched in the US and will be priced at Chevrolet Bolt

Toyota took a while, but finally got into controversy Electric cars. Your introduction to this new world is by SUV bZ4X, Recently delivered at the Los Angeles Salon in the United States. Therefore, the Japanese automaker launched a new line with the brand’s zero carbon emissions. ” bz ” ” (beyond zero).

Co-created Subaru, The basis of using the SUV E-DNGA, A new platform developed exclusively for electric cars. This partnership will also bring a brother to the model owned by Subaru. The name will be in the version in question Soldera. In this, the traction will be 4×4.

“As we expand our already extensive electrified product line, the bZ4X is coming to market in a timely manner,” said Toyota’s Marketing VP. Mike Trip.

Toyota bZ4x electric
Toyota / Expression

With that in mind The Toyota bZ4x Its concept was unveiled at the Shanghai Motor Show in April, and now it has arrived at Toyota Motor North America headquarters. However, the exact forecast for the release date is not yet known, but estimates will begin in 2022.

Two machine options

To move, the compact SUV has a A. 201 hp front electric motor in XLE version. There is another version, The Limited, two electric motors (Front and rear axles). As a result, the model now offers a four-wheel drive and 215 hp of power. In terms of numbers, it has a top speed of 160 km / h in both options. In the first one, it accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 8.4 seconds. In the second option, 7.7 seconds are spent.

The model offers about 450 km of autonomy (according to the WLTP standard, in Europe). According to Toyota, when you connect a 150-kilowatt charger, the battery charge increases by 80% in about 30 minutes. Recharging stations can be found through the Multimedia Center.

Toyota bZ4x electric
Toyota / Expression

Size similar to RAV4

According to the automaker, the new SUV will be similar in size RAV4, A hybrid model from Toyota. “It’s about the size of a RAV4, with versatility that sets it apart from other BEVs. Lisa Madraso.

Also according to the brand, the model will have a longer wheelbase, which will provide enough internal space. The dashboard is higher than the steering wheel and multimedia center, with a generous size and joystick steering option. Precisely, something that looks like a plane.