“The true nature” takes the antenna Sunday

«La vraie nature» reprend l’antenne dimanche

Jean-Philippe Dion will reopen the cottage on Sunday, while The real nature is reclaiming its time slot the usual on TVA. For the occasion, the host will receive the humorist Cathy Gauthier, “the encyclopedia on two legs”, Paul Houde as well as the ex-baseball player, Eric Won.

“Despite the fact that he is the only Quebecer to win the prestigious trophy, Cy Young, he is a man of very disappointed of him because of the doping scandal that has led to his downfall,” explains Jean-Philippe Dion on The Voice of the East. It is always held away from the media, has practically given no interviews on the subject, he now lives in the United States, but he generously agreed to break years of silence with us. “

The chalet Lac-Brome host of other visitors a few in the current of the next 11 episodes of The true nature, “of the names that one is not accustomed to seeing in such situations,” suggests the host. Mna Véronique Hivon, the muse of Jean Paul Gaultier Eve Salvail, the physician Rejean Thomas, and the founder of Cora restaurants Cora Tsouflidou, among others.

The singer granbyen Alex Nevsky was also granted a break at the chalet, and Jean-Philippe Dion, ensures that the public ” will discover a side of the artist that you don’t see much of him in the media.” “Alex is not an easy guy to interview, it is very much in the laugh and defuses questions often. We had prepared accordingly, but it arrived with a candor and an intelligence that surprised us a lot, ” he says.

Like the first, the second season ends with an episode of the Confidences of the chalet, a special filled with new and secrets of shooting.

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